Good news to owners of the Malaysian made car Gen.2!
Pos Malaysia Berhad, in collaboration with PROTON Holdings Berhad, is issuing special stamps and First Day Covers featuring PROTON Gen.2 to the public on Monday, 7th March 2005.
The special stamps and First Day Covers will be launched by YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, PROTON’s Advisor at the Perdana Leadership Foundation Auditorium, Putrajaya on 21st March 2005, Monday.

To those who wants to purchase it on the 7th of March, head down to the Philately department at Pejabat Pos Besar, next to Dayabumi. A stamp fair will be held there.

4 thoughts on “NEW ERA WITH GEN.2 STAMP”

  1. thanks for ur post! 🙂 am sure gonna get one for myself. their previous first day cover(The flowers)
    was really nice. did u get one for urself?

  2. lucy: yup i got them all! did u get my last mail regarding ur legal issue?
    fishfish: mmm good question, i’ve never seen a purple gen2 beefore
    earlku: hehe u have problem with the gen2 powered window? hehe

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