New York City: Day 1

If you didn’t know, I had to bunk over at TimothyTiah‘s hotel because I didn’t book a place to stay in NYC on my arrival night because I thought I’ll arrive the next day. All my travel schedule throughout the entire trip was a comedy of errors. I think I can have one blog entry just to blog about all the wrong things I did. I really need a PA.

Anyway, after touching down in JFK airport, I took a bus to Manhattan. It took around 40 minutes and it only costs me USD15. The bus dropped me in front of Grand Central Terminal on the 42nd Street.

And I had no idea where Grand Central Terminal was. Thank god the roads system in Manhattan were easy to understand.

Tim’s hotel is about 20 streets away hence I dragged my luggage to his place. So upon arrival at Tim’s hotel, I dropped my stuff there and we headed to Times Square thereafter.

This is Tim’s hotel room. Comes with a small toilet with frosted glass walls. Niama can see Tim’s nekked silhouette.

We had a hot dog while on the way to Times Square. I had ketchup, mustard and onions on it. It tasted awessomeee! Mustard was extra sour!

Although there was an attempted terrorist in Times Square few weeks before, the place was packed. The buildings had magnificent amount of lighted and illuminated billboards in all sorts of shape and sizes.

Even the police station and McDonalds bling-ed their signboards!

We passed by Toys R’ Us. They have a Ferris wheel inside /(*O*)\

Not to mention live size Hello Kitty with an old Asian lady dancing innit. (Picture from Tim’s cam)

That’s all for Day 1 folks!

10 thoughts on “New York City: Day 1”

  1. Bronx zoo is a must visit. somemore if you go in winter, they will kill a bear and give u its coat as a fur coat

  2. Hi, I’ll be making a trip to NYC in Aug. Do u mind sharing the name of the hotel that u and Tim shared?


    1. Cara: Tim’s hotel is Ritz Carlton I think. Its in Manhattan and its not cheap. I stayed in a hostel called NYC Loft Hostel. Its in Brooklyn, its about 20 mins train ride to Manhattan. Its ok for the amount I paid. The url to nyc loft hostel is Enjoy nyc!

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