First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS!!! to all those who have successfully graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Law Degree and Engineering Degree respectively while not forgetting those who have just completed their CLP recently. Well done to all of you!!! =D
*please give urselves a pat on your shoulders*

I have been having graduation nightmares for the past whole week, which ranges from forgetting to collect my robe to completely missed my very own graduation! It has been a terrible week for me due to these nightmares..However, not long after that, I received a call from my employment agency which demand that I turn up for a job the very next day in Rotherham (the tuesday before my graduation).

In the end, John (my so called landlord) volunteered to collect my robe for me and even attended my graduation o/b of my parents. =) We even had a celebration after that where he and Rosalind (his wife)took me to Sheikhs, a Lebanese restaurant on West Street.

All in all, I have had a very good week thanks to everyone. As I am typing this, I am currently in my office in Rotherham waiting to go home.. ehhehehee…

Okies! I’m off work now.

Congratulations again to everybody!


6 thoughts on “Nightmares!”

  1. Nopes but both he and his wife happen to be very nice people..I’m so spoilt!ehehehhee…Jealous leh?? hehehee

  2. Hey man, you working in UK? Haha, i thought u’re in msia doing ur CLP – that was what i read from ur blog. Anyway, kev here – nice blog and nice meeting you. Chill

  3. hey kev, which kev is this? the gay one or the straight one? hehe that wasnt me blogging, that’s my guestblogger

  4. Myko.: I’m temping only.. not exactly a permanent job.. =(kev: I’ve just graduated last friday. CLP? Narh..not so soon. Planning to see and travel the world first!whoA!!! My blog so many grammar mistakes!!*MALU**

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