Office @ 11PM

Last Saturday, I had to go back to office to get some work done. It was about 11PM and the entire office was empty. Initially I felt okay cause during the day whenever I arrive early, the office is empty too.
Things were fine until I heard noises on the upper floor. I called my colleague to see whether or not she’s in the office. Her room is just directly above my room.

Nobody answered the phone.

I text her and she replied that she’s not in the office. Then she told me that the office is scary at night.

I thought to myself, “Ok Fine, I’m a big boy now. I don’t need anyone to accompany me”.

I had to run to the library to get a dictionary. BOY IT WAS DAMN SCARY.

Imagine walking into a huge and dark empty room without knowing where the light switches are.
Then while doing work, I heard the main door being opened. Foot steps were heard and it was coming towards my room. I waited for the ‘person’ to appear but nobody came.

Who could it be?

1) A hard working colleague? But it’s Saturday night, I doubt anyone is that hardcore.
2) A thief? or
3) Nobody, just the wind.

Suddenly, a black figure popped in front of my room. The hairs on my face begin to stand. I felt like a grizzly bear.

The figure was dark and of medium height.

Then I realised it was the maintenance guy. doh!

12 thoughts on “Office @ 11PM”

  1. Scare the shit outta you, innit … damn … piss in ya pants … almost … 🙂 Merry Christmas … it can’t be the Christmas spirits … 2 more days … 2 more … behold

  2. Wuss. Office only mah. I can sleep in office overnight and feel nothing.
    But my building will off the central aircond after 6pm…so can be really stuffy to be able to work after hours.

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