One day at the High Court of Malaya..

Last week at the High Court of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, I attended a matter for a colleague. The case was fixed before a High Court Judge in Chambers (in his room).

At 930am, the Interpreter (Judge’s assistant) called the case up.

Me: May it please my Lord, XES for the Plaintiff. With me, my learned friend, Mr Sinka Linggam for the Defendant.
S.K Linggam: Correct, correct, correct my Lord.
Me: Today is fixed for hearing of Enclosure 18, the Defendant’s application to strike out the Plaintiffs claim…
*t000t* *t000t* *t000t*
S.K Linggam: Ohhhh..shitt…my phone is ringing…
Interpreter: /(*O*)\!!!
Me: \(*O*)/!!
S.K Linggam: My apologies my Lord……

Judge: Oh, it’s ok..I like music! ok proceed!
Me: O_O||||

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