One day at the KL Bar Auditorium..

I attended one seminar conducted by the KL Bar on franchising, one of my practice areas. The fellow speaker, also an Intellectual Property practioner gave us some pointers and clarification on this topic. It was attended by many lawyers and the auditorium was filled with lawyers.

The sky looked as it was about to pour hence I brought my umbrella along. My umbrella was a gift from my firm, with my firm’s corporate colour and name imprinted on it.

After the talk, it was networking time. I spent some time meeting some new people and also get to know the people that I know better. By the time the seminar finished, it was pouring. Many people were stuck in the building. It was a blessing in disguise as those who stayed on were able to meet new people.
I hung out until the auditorium had to be closed. One of my colleagues retrieved my notes from the room, except for my umbrella. I went in to ask for it.

Me: Did anyone see my umbrella?
Lady: yeah, we put it outside.
(went outside)
Me: Did you see my umbrella?
Man: Yeah! I saw one umbrella but when I shouted whether for the owner, one lawyer came up to me and said it’s his umbrella!!
Me: /(*O*)\ !!!!

I can’t believe a fellow lawyer would steal from another lawyer and put his/her convenience at my expense!

11 thoughts on “One day at the KL Bar Auditorium..”

  1. LOL!
    oh my gawd! that must b a greedy one!
    i bet you bought an expensive umbrella oh..??!
    oh no…may b your secret admirer took it..LOL

  2. zhong: cannot be! my firm’s name is there!
    wolfx: yesh, this one memang evil 😛
    endrooG: bahger stealing umbrellas nothing to do with being a liar!
    flush: -___-
    cm: crazy ah post co’s name here??/
    jo: keke it was my company’s umbrella 😀

  3. “lawyer would steal from another lawyer”
    AHAHAHAHA Oh the irony!
    Internal Lawyer Joke Machine.. spinning up.. to full power… uh oh.. too many lawyer jokes… it’s overwhelming! system overload! warning! warning!!!

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