P0ppy Garden, Kuala Lumpur

Poppy Garden, located below Passion is one of the hottest nightspot in town and a house of ill repute.

Where else can you find a girl grinding her thighs on a guy’s groin in public?

Well, overall Poppy Garden is a place to be. Great crowd, good music and less alcohol overdosed ladies and men puking all over the place.

There were plenty of girls too. So many until I went home smelling of girl’s perfume. If I have a wife at home, she would have beaten me up.

ivN gathered couple of his friends for a drinking session there. First, it was only couple of beers. Then a bottle of whisky came. Everyone managed to finish the bottle. After that, it was an alcohol-fuelled party.

It was fun getting to know some new people there. However, due to the loud music, we had hard time hearing what other people were saying. Ping had one of his moments with a girl..

Natalie: Hi I didn’t get your name!
Ping: I’m Ping.
(Loud music)
Natalie: What? Bitch?
Ping: …….
ivN: His name is Ping la, not Bitch.
Natalie: oh so sorry!!

Actually they were sharing a drink…

PassedOutBen was in action again. He passed out on the sofa for half an hour. Too bad we didn’t have cream or a marker pen.

No doubt I enjoyed the place even though they played R&B. I’ll give the place 8/10!

More pictures @ http://trancemission.sstwo.net/2004/10/poppy-garden.html

6 thoughts on “P0ppy Garden, Kuala Lumpur”

  1. tracy: kekeke someone wanteed to drink it i think keke ivN: get your own server la kekkek YUMMIE: its on the road leading from emporium towards KLCC.

  2. aiiii.. sstwo.net is down again!! shucks shucks shucksoh hey. I like the pictures u taken man, esp the one with PassedOutBen and Joanna. Sweet. haha 😛

  3. Hmmm…ask someone to smoke a ciggie and blow kao kao on you. That will kill the perfume smell lar…a good cover up.

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