Pecha Kucha Kuala Lumpur – Vol. 11 – Getting Social

The event organised by British Council at Delucca was a success. The turnout was great notwithstanding that traffic was horrendous. The speakers (excluding myself) were witty, entertaining and informative. started the event with his presentation. I first met him when I gave a talk at eLawyer’s Law Forum. I remember him posting a tough, tough question to me. Now he knows how it feels to be on stage. Hehe.

Tengku Zatashah Idris, founder of

Low Ngai Yuen – Director, producer and head of the newly revived team

Fellow lawyer Jonson Chong – Human rights lawyer and former KEADILAN communications director

Rev Sivin Kit – Pastor at Bangsar Lutheran Church and social activist

I was the 9th speaker. My presentation was about the development of social media and the legal cases relating to it.

Although I had practiced my talk for nearly 2 hours, I couldn’t deliver it in the manner I practiced. In my talks lately, I would speak slowly and quite formal but the earlier speakers spoke quite fast! I decided to ditch the formal style and went Old Klang Road style. There are a few times I spoke too fast until I had spare time before my next slide. Gah.

If you’re wondering what is that green thing on my shirt, it is an ornament made from lego bricks courtesy of Laedglo. I was asked too wear it for this event. Sort of like a product endorsement! You can check out other Lego brick ornaments at their website at their Facebook page.

The last speaker was Daphne Iking – TV host and actress. She was funny!

Daphne Iking looks like she’s take a flight hehe

Me & Daphne Iking *starstruck*

Me, Ngai Yuen and Malko.S (I bet she will get tons of clicks on her link!)

Me and Malko.S

More pixs at Tian Chad’s!

Community Service Notice:

The 4th Young Lawyers Convention 2011 is coming up from Feb 19-20 2011, at Concorde Hotel KL. Do visit the Malaysian Bar website for more information.

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  1. Thanks so much for doing this. And that was your Old Klang Road style of speaking?

    I was telling someone – wah, he so composed … like a lawyer 😛

    I had a great time, glad that yor were part of it, Mr. Hot Blogger!

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