Perpetually Late

I have close to zero tolerance for people who are always late. As in 95% most of the time, always. I’d end up scowling at the person who eventually arrives. By making me wait for more than an hour irritates me seriously and does not make me a happy camper.

People who are habitually late don’t seem bothered about making other people wait.
They’re not bothered, and neither do they have the courtesy of calling to explain that they’ll be a bit late, and apologise for the inconvenience. No, i’m talking about people who don’t apologise at all. OMG, i really get frustrated with them.
Making plans to meet up for lunch, can end up being tea instead. why? The stupid friend is late. By then, I might as well be on a starvation marathon.
Calling up these people and asking where they are, they’d just telll you that “I’m on my way.” No problem if you’re really on your way, but what if they were still at home, just getting ready? I have a friend like that. He makes everyone wait for him that sometimes they just leave him alone at home and go out on their own.
I have a friend who would say he wanted to meet up for supper at 9pm and by the time he’s about to leave his house at 1030pm, I tell him that I’m too tired already.
Seriously, the manners people are lacking nowadays! We, the people waiting for these habitually late people, can actually do something else whilst waiting for them. For instance, I once gobbled up my dinner with friends as I apologised, informing them that another friend was picking me up at 10pm.
I arrived back at home and waited.
And the idiotic friend of mine arrived at 11pm.

I told him if he could have informed me that he was going to be late, I could have spent more time with my friends during dinner. *&$^#*&@#@*#)!@
How do you deal with people like that?
I’ve given up hope and try not to go out with these late people nowadays. I’ve got grey hair and wrinkles due to idiotic friends like these. sigh.
The oldest trick in the book is to tell the person to come an hour earlier than the designated time. But that has backfired before… ;P

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  1. wO.ot fourth.
    You should be the one whos late on them and see what will they think of.. might end up in arguments though. @@’

  2. wuts making ppl w00t-ing?
    well, i’m with u la! i got a fren who acs the same too, the only thing to make him get ready faster is to arrange time to pick him up or him to get ready 2 hours b4, like if we’re going for a dinner at 7pm, i’d call and say i’m picking him at 5pm to do stuff, but sometimes it doesn’t work oso, when i gone to pick him up at 7pm he started scoldin me but he isn’t ready yet. damn frustrating.even my gf oso complains
    we always end up diu-ing each other whole night XD

  3. i dislike people who can’t read the time. If you set a time, act on time….which is why….we started setting such rules…who late, pays for everyone’s drinks……of course..there is a 15 minute grace period…whoever who is late, normally pays for ALL the food on the table.
    It’s worked miracles! U should try it too!

  4. rontol : i always tot so..and its not even considered as fashionably late
    karheng : we did tat too, tat why we ALL end up diu-ing each other up until we fed was fun in a way lol XD

  5. *kicks the 1st 3 commenters* ;P
    go sleep!
    reply comments later, after beauty sleep ;D
    p.s. not apologising or calling to inform that will be late is such a horrible habit!

  6. haiya…avalondevil…u not old enough…that one is a new character…fusion of ryu-ken-sagat! hahaha
    street fighter rox laa.a..hehehehe

  7. xbd: friends and i did that once to a couple before, cos they were always late we had to wait for them. wah, just once they were early, they remembered for life! hehe. each time we’d remind them “don’t be late” for a gathering, they’d remind us, “eh, we were early once before what! we had to wait for you” and then i have to say, “but it was only once! big deal meh?” ;P
    Abalon: but after a while i sure angry leh. heheh. not funny what, after a while. especially if it’s an important occasion or something.
    rontol: aiyo, that one cannot be called ‘master’ la. no skills involved. have a friend who kept calling every 15mins apologising for traffic and going to be late – time to meet was 1230pm he only arrived an hour later. and i found out that he only left his house 1230pm!!!!!!
    electronicfly: i know people like that too!!!!! gotta do grand entrance like that. seriously use that as a reason.
    karheng: erm… sometimes friends so siew hei (kecil hati) cannot also. mebbe must be serious and not joking about it… hmmmm..

  8. I’ve been the one who hardly commit to people about time..esp during workdays becuz my workload is crazy & unrealistic!!!
    However, I felt really bad having friends waiting after we agreed on the time… so I always let them know as soon as I can (of course, before the appoint time) that I’m gonna be late or not able to make it at all or let them go ahead without me.
    Nothing is worst than ruin other’s plan by making them wait for one own business… I’m really irritating by people like that and I don’t wanna be one of them.
    TO deal with those ignorant people? I would tell the person straightforwardly to be more CONSIDERATE of other’s time… and hope the person would change their behavior the next time around…after all,I have been considerate to their time and I expect the same behavior in return..
    Worst comes to worst: Just stop hanging out with those people…for the sake of your own sanity πŸ™‚

  9. chaliz: i do try! i only call them out when i’m picking them up. and then make them wait for 15minutes. but in return, i still have to wait in the car for 5mins. ehehe

  10. well… my friend more worse… usually if i tell him @ 11.00pm all must ready… u know wat he did?
    he will only get ready @ 11pm(when every1 wait for him at his house)
    by that time he only start to bath slowly…
    comb his hair slowly…
    if we dun look for him at his house… he WONT get ready AT ALL!

  11. i’m a punctual person to most ppl… but to some of my frens.. i jus cbf also.. sometimes let them wait abit… but not for long one la… but normally… i hate… like… really really hate waiting for ppl…
    esp when ur picking ur fren’s fren… wah lao… and hav to wait for him/her in front of thier house.. if pretty then mayb different story lar… but normally… sucks la… hehe…

  12. insomnia: must whip them la. i feel it’s like taking your friends for granted, totally no respect.
    wolfx: period late? ;P
    MaL: wait 10mins max also ok la. but make sure apologise or something. ;P

  13. i just want to complain a bit. my stupid friend was late today and he never apologised. so farking annoying. he keeps doing that but never apologises!
    so i know what you mean!

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