pirated vcd business!

Speaking about pirated VCD business, the Malaysian government has been conducting raids to confiscate pirated VCD. It is now virtually impossible to see a VCD stall on the street of Kuala Lumpur. However, some VCD sellers have resorted into guerrilla warfare tactics. Sometimes they would approach people on the streets like salesmen, or sometimes they would head to an office and approach the workers there and even selling them in a back of a lorry. As I have mentioned yesterday, pirated VCD business sounds like a profitable business. However, it is not entirely true. A relative of mine borrow few thousands Malaysian Ringgit from loan sharks to finance his VCD business. Unfortunately, due to the government’s ban on sale of pirated VCD, he lost all the money and he and his family had to run away from home. Now, their once beautiful wooden house located on the side of a lake with coconut trees surrounding it, is sealed and abandoned.


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