Pirates – Digital Harbour

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Hi guys, thought i’d pay tribute to Pirates of the Carribean by coming up with this mixset. Hard and Bassy as usual except the last track(which happen to be my favourite track right now) Have fun and don’t explode your speakers.
1)Tiesto – He’s a Pirate (Ochestral mix)
2)Aalto feat supre8 – 5 (Maori’s Deep mix)
3)Scott Matt – Damager 2 (Mark Sherry mix)
4)Ace De Brain – Depths of Doom
5)Tocs – 1(Scott Project mix)
6)Megara vs Dj Lee – For a Moment
7)Elektra – The Freak (Deep mix)
8)Kamui – Ghosts (Energy mix)
9)Hysterie – Be My Lover (Virus Inc. mix)
10)Max Savietto – Alone (Sa.Vee.Oh mix)
11)Tiesto feat. Allure – The Love We Lost
12)Gabriel and Dresden feat. Molly – Tracking Treasures Down


29 thoughts on “Pirates – Digital Harbour”

  1. hi, im not a big fan of any bassy music but i thought i download this because i saw tiesto and gnd in it. As a matter of fact, those were the only two i know from that list.
    Firstly this is not just a great set, its ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! from the start till the finish, i loved it, every piece and bit of it, no doubt about that!!!!!!!
    thank you so much!

  2. Amos:soon there will be flashgordon man, captain america, green lantern, wonder woman, then hawkman, the hourman the spectre, the atom, the doctor fate, sandman, thunderbolt, mr terrific, wild cat, black canary, skyman,power girl, huntress, air wave, blackhawk, captain triumpt, commando steel, guardian, human bomb, invisible hood, magno, miss america,zatara,sargon the sorcerer,aquaman…damn all the heroes from marvel and DC comics

  3. xes:LMAO.
    lola:thanks. keep reading xes.cx!
    darksoul: are you from my msn or my real life friend?lol. if you happen to be the my msn, my real life friend complains why are you imitating him. lol.
    luxifer:you can get those from the record shop. they have 2 versions, one a red cover, the other one is red and grey combo.
    bimbobum:you can get ultimate boyband remix from any pasar malam. they’re like rm5 a cd, got take that, boyzone, boyz2men, backstreetboys, 911 bla bla bla
    Thrillseeker:bimbobum got excited, going to pasar malam on friday after work liao

  4. no im not lux soap…. swt.. haha, i know record shops, but which one’s the peoblem… please give me a clue where i can get it… besides record shop.. XD i so want it!!!

  5. amos:they dont even have those characters in the game. damn! the closest playable hero that resembles me is perhaps Guile, sonic boom! which absolutely looks like he’s hurling a spinning golden disc…what the hell am i talking here.
    bimbobum:yes yes thank you thank you so much LOL.
    luxifer:eh i got mine from hard to find records. w w w dot h t f r dot com!!
    bimbobum:so you can go pasar malam on friday right?

  6. it is diff to dl it w rapidshare if u r not a premium user.. any other alternatives to dl the files??

  7. xes:thanks now im like 1 iq smarter.
    Thrillseeker:we’ve always had problems with hosting, for the meantime we can only upload to rapidshare since the link seems to hold forever as long as there s ppl downladoing it.I’m sorry man but i guess you’ll just have to bear with the crawling speed,it aint that bad if ya download in the morning, i get like 60kbps sometimes

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