poor gavin :D

Ha ha, poor Gavin. This few days are rather unfortunate for him. Firstly, a girl he was interested in insulted him (read Eraine’s website). Then he tried to text me saying, “By the time you received this message, I suicided already”. However, he sent the message to my mother’s helper instead (He got that number from my website). My mother’s helper kept on calling him.

And then yesterday, while we were at Dharoos, Gavin was waiting for the toilet. Then an Indian man came out from the toilet and told Gavin, “Tandas sudah rosak la (The toilet is broken)”. However, Gavin couldn’t take it so he barged into the toilet. He found a big pile of shit left by the Indian man. Ha ha.

7 thoughts on “poor gavin :D”

  1. not forgetting that MatRocker burned me with his ciggarette as well and the Dharoos guy carrying the pile of Chairs bnumped the chairs on my head. Curses..

  2. gavin…. dem suay lar u…. poor thing…….better go to church and pray…:Pdat’s my mom told me when i had all de bac luck in June…:P

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