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What is Muay Thai?
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4:45AM James Bond: Die Another Die was good. Frederick and I liked it but Frank and Chuo Ming didn’t like it. Frank even said that it was the worst Bond movie he ever watched.

While we were waiting for a taxi at the taxi stand, there was this drunkard lining up alone in front of us. We paid no attention to him and started chatting in Cantonese. Suddenly, he looked at us and said, “Speak English, it is rude not to speak English, This is England”. Frederick and I were pretty shocked by the racist remark and we kept quiet for a while, thinking that we might be actually rude. However, the fat and bald drunkard kept on talking and gave couple of racist remarks. Frederick and I got really pissed and stared at him. It went on for a minute until Fredrick lost his cool and said ‘fuck off, okay?” and lightly pushed him away. He turned and looked at me, I gave him a fiery stare. He turned his back towards me and said, “This is England”. By then I was already furious, I said “so? Why? Not happy?” He didn’t answer me.

We were waiting for the right moment to whack him as soon as he starts hitting one of us. I tried to provoke him by speaking in Cantonese again but he was ignoring us by then. Fortunately, it was the last of him. He never said a word or even look at us anymore. I guess he must have chickened out. Our angry Asian vibes definitely shut him up.