Restoran 88, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama

Long time ago I went to have my dinner here. The roads were parked with cars and the parking lot specifically for the restaurant was packed as well.

The first time I had eaten at this restaurant was when it was a small and open-aired place located elsewhere that if I had to find my way there on my own, I’d probably get lost.

The food was excellent. We ordered fish and chicken and a lot more that I thought we wouldn’t be able to finish it. Very cheap! RM120 for 6 or 7 or 8 dishes, I’m not sure, but this is definitely the place to come for cheap seafood! (Everyone was hungry and ate so quickly that I wasn’t able to snap pictures of the other dishes – sorry!)

And then we saw this. I was taken aback, and hoped that the dishes were cleaned properly for future use. Yikes.

Must go and try for cheap and good seafood!
Now I’m hungry.
p.s. On another thing:

I just wanted to tell you to try out the mentos chewing gum if you want long lasting minty taste in your mouth. you know how some gums don’t last really long after chewing for a while? well, mentos is different. I like! And sugar-free, too. Apparently. ;P RM1.20 for 9 pieces.

16 thoughts on “Restoran 88, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama”

  1. OMG, i’m 1st !!
    You didn’t mention how many people eating & the menu list. What drinks? Only then we’ll be able to calculate whether its cheap or not. ;p
    anywhere still sells the Bland & White bubble gum ????? The bubble gum of the growing-up years.

  2. oops. 9 people i think. i thought you calculate by the number of dishes what!
    black & white, i dunno. maybe go back to towns outside KL got? bland & white. ahahahah funneeeee

  3. what are the dishes?? Got fish, crab, chiken, pork, prawn???? If you say all the dishes were vege, eggs, beancurds….. then its expensive. Got drink beer ? Only chinese tea(pot) ?

  4. got fish..but duno what type of fish. Different types of fish cost differently and sometimes the freshness can be a suspect, therefore the price difference. However, noting that there are so many people, the freshness of the food shouldn’t be a problem.
    If u 9 people order 6-8 dishes actually very little.
    Cheapest seafood so far i know is Teluk Gong but an estimate for about 6 dishes inclusive of crab, chicken, vege and prawns would probably cost 100 plus inclusive of beer and todi.
    But still nothing beats the cheapest lunch i’ve ever had in Johor. 3 BIG PRAWNS, slightly smaller than lobster, fish- 2 patin, vege and tofu. FOr …..RM 60.

  5. there’s a seafood place- i think it’s called mimi’s/meemee’s. it’s in bandar baru puchong..
    very good and affordable! 🙂

  6. galFer : why not salut?..owh…why tawau? u can catch ur own fish eh?
    but it does sound cheap..rm120…ugh…foooddd…
    after working at eason chan’s ..i really need food…

  7. endroo: fish, chicken, cold dish (four seasons? i forgot), 2 vege, sea cucumber, ….. cannot remember
    karheng: the dishes can be big ma. ooh, i want lobster. actually, i want to go jogoya again. ;P
    mich: puchong? really? i hear about this HK polo bun very small but cost RM1, but nobody knows about it.
    galFeRari: tawau? so far. hungry before arriving there lor ;P
    Abalon: eason chan didn’t feed you? ;P

  8. Darren: ya lor. but you won’t see it until you finish eating!
    Abalon: aiya…
    Chocoholic: sorry i don’t have pictures of all the dishes, but yes, do try it out. ;P
    endroo: yes. stop asking, you’re making me hungry ;P
    rych: aiks. stop ittttt i is hungryyyyyyyy

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