Robbery caught on CCTV @ Taman Maluri, Cheras

Well, this video has been circulating around and I am truly disgusted on how the level of security in Malaysia has turned out.

If you had read the comments in that video, you will notice that there are loads of racially sensitive comments posted there. I must say those who posted those comments are fking stupid fools. Its not about race. I personally think that all these crimes rose mainly due to the economic situation that we are going through now. If the economy had been good, we wouldn’t have rampant theft and robbery going on.

12 thoughts on “Robbery caught on CCTV @ Taman Maluri, Cheras”

  1. Wow, such a speed… anyway thats not a thing to amaze for.
    Herm, I wonder what that car behind doing anyway…
    DO you realise that as the car stop, the robbers rush in.

  2. insomnia: hmmm maybe followed them for some time..
    lek hai: economy good or no good of course got robbery la. economy no good of course more robbery

  3. erm, don’t put conclusion and give excuse on economy recession. it is the lousy police force that is causing all the criminals 2 b brave in m’sia. these kinda scenes r so common in jb even when economy is good. they strike as they wish because they know they won’t get caught.
    i saw live one fellow got caught trying to rob and when the police arrived at the scene, they let the person go because they said he needs to feed his big family. sometimes you can’t blame everyone for giving racist remarks. the police let a specific race of people go just like that since they are from the same race. it is there for everyone to see. those died in police custody also come from another specific race. you go figure.

  4. you seems to support the malaysian police despite the excessive bad reputation they have in the country. putting the blame on economy is just a great excuse.
    I joined the Parliamentary Caucus on Human Rights in JB on 8th July and you can see clearly the amount of complaints directed one after another in the queue. these kind of things go unreported in the news. it is already there for all to see. you just need to make own conclusions. nobody is so free to go to that event to report if they really never experienced it.
    conclusions are based on real things you see and experienced as well as the amount of unreported cases because people have given up on the police force as the police are reluctant to write your report. you can clearly make a clear conclusion then that there is a clear difference in race. or you rather believe the statistics release by the police?
    i guess you haven’t experience the scene of the crime live so you only read newspapers. i personally gone through 5 times and hear true stories from friends at least 3 times. all from the same race and 4 times in broad daylight. twice the scene i experienced, the police at the scene pretend not to see, just keep quiet, eventhough sit in the car. i guess they fear the criminals are having weapons, eventhough they are riding bikes only. you begin to wonder why they are so brave, committing crime in broad daylight with many people around.
    they are just brave when doing road blocks and hide at corners. stop defending them. to me, the criminals are daring because the police are lousy. singapore is also going through a bad recession but i don’t see crime rates escalating fast.

  5. Anonymous: no la I do agree that our police force has its inadequacy. I have dealt with the police on numerous occasion and they wew not very helpful. Imagine sitting in the police st from morning till night just to make a report and got nothing out of it in the end.
    I usually don’t participate in online debates and I let my readers say what they want. But if I don’t agree ill just give a one liner reply.
    Chuoming: Try to keep your comments mild cause I dowan to be caught under the sedition act

  6. wtf my name has been mentioned twice before i get to say anything, wtf.
    and yes certain ethnicities are more prone to committing crime, due to their economic condition. the economy is to be blamed, the police force is to be blamed, but most of all, UMNO is to be blamed. period.

  7. This is an unfortunate incident. And I agree with XES, that it is not about race, but about one person, causing criminal hurt to another.

    The cause of the crime? Can be one of many issues:-
    1. poor policing
    2. desperate criminals
    3. brave criminals
    etc etc.

    We have to push for reforms in the Police force to ensure it becomes a more effective force to combat crime. We must also push for better governance as a strong government would mean better economy, which would normally lead to lesser crimes (though crimes will always happen, no matter how affluent or well organised the society is)

    In recent months, the crime rate has risen, and whilst we push for police reforms, it would be advisable that Malaysians be more vigilant in or out of your homes.

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