roti ayam special @ william’s

because we couldn’t think of anywhere else to go, my friends and i decided to head on to william’s at taman mayang jaya, pj (near the old limkokwing insitute/university) for a nibble. of course, i told myself that i shouldn’t be eating – *ahem* diet! ;P
because the tummy started rumbling (i.e. must eat!), i opted for the “roti ayam special” (chicken special in ‘bread’?) from the list of roti the guy had rattled off.
eh? where’s the chicken?
it looked like the roti salad i previously tried, all that vege sticking out. i usually have the garlic cheese butter naan. i’ve tried the macaroni & cheese naan (which cost RM7), the baked cheese pasta thingy, roti hawaii (which xes TOLD me it’d be good and had stripes of mayo on top – but they only do that at murni’s @ ss2!) and etc.
it was alright. i did find chunks of chicken hidden within the grated carrot. ;P and i felt healthy for the load of carrots and cabbage. hehe.
i have to hand it to them, they are really creative with their menu. but i think they’re just too expensive. it cost about RM5, i think. a friend ordered a plate of onion rings which cost RM5 as well. but goodness, you can count how many rings there were – 12? even Burger King‘s onion rings are reasonably priced. ;P
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the onion rings didn’t look like this, they were paler. ;P
if you know other places for nibbling, do suggest. ;P

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  1. I go to Williams now and then, and i must agree that it’s not that cheap. To date, i have tried blue cheese pasta, fettucine carbonara, Beef steak with mash and butter rice, seafood pasta, onion rings, pandan leaf chicken.. William once mentioned that he actually stole the recipe for the onion rings from Heston Blumenthal of the Fat Duck in London while he apprenticed. But to be honest, nothing too special la… Their batter is similar to that of the typhoon bloom of Outback Steakhouse fame. I need to make it a point to try out their naan though. A friend mentioned you can request for even blue cheese naan.. imagine that.. haha.. Mmmm.. as far as places to eat goes, there’s this place in Setapak, behind tawakal hospital which serves one of the best hokkien me around. A few blocks away is Santa’s Chapati house. Good stuff, authentic sikh curries with good chapati at reasonable prices. Hope thats not too far from where you live/work tho 🙂

  2. ascorman: my friend tried the blue cheese naan. i can’t remember how much it cost. either RM8 or RM12 or something. seriously expensive. erm, no biggie. tasted like thick mozarella cheese. or maybe cos i’m not classy enough to appreciate the various types of cheese. hehe.
    nope, i don’t stay in setapak. but will keep that in mind should i be in the area next time. thanks =)

  3. hmmmm….chee cheong kai got lots of food at night…
    There are a few lobak stalls at Jalan Kapar in the town area. It’s slightly different to the ones u get in PJ/SJ area and I like those better. U find them in zink made quarters.

  4. rych: eh. for students how, sure go dutch one what. why u talking bout money? wrong post la wei. ehehehe. ;P
    karheng: aaaahhhh….. i’ve never been to klang at night before. ;P

  5. Amos: eheheh. i shy la if halfway eating take pic of the chicken bits. P
    chzehong: eh. really? that’s always my default place for mamak too, if i can’t think where else to go.
    Devilishaz: *points at xes* his fault. ;P
    frank_omatic: the drain there kinda stink at times. blek.

  6. I been tried Carbonara Spaghetti there. If not mistaken, it cost me RM 8. This cheese spaghetti is nice but a bit costly lor. Moreover, I also been try the pandan leaf chicken. Smell good and taste good~

  7. Frank, haha i’ll make it a point to give you a shout during my next visit. U stay sumwhere there right? Some other good stuff to try if you are in town, Jalan Alor Char siew rice and Pudu Roast pork rice.. Both cost a bomb.. but quite good la. Yut Kee, opposite wilayah complex famous for their belachan fried rice. As for pan mee fans.. there’s this place behind HSBC Bkt Bintang called ‘Jangan Ketawa’ and this place in pandan indah called ‘Bao Bao Pan Mee’.. they serve good pan mee with 4 types of chilli mixes. In OUG, steven’s corner, try their butter rice nasi lemak with fried chicken and mint sauce lamb… good stuff.. mmm… Near SS2, Kanna’s curry house where they serve chilli crabs, deep fried sotong cooked on the spot for their patrons. Amazing dessert too with lassis’ and other savoury indian desserts. Nasi lemak kampung baru along Jalan Sultan Sulaiman, from 8pm onwards till 3am.. haha… thats it for now. 🙂

  8. come to think of it, the kg. baru nasi lemak is expensive like hell, too. don’t u guys think it’s overrated? ;P

  9. Reading about this post really gets me hungry and missing malaysian food. I agree that last time, the food were better. Now its getting abit weee too expensive with his own “unique” menu. Who the heck would know what is the Triple H Sandwich !?!?

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