Salem Genting Rave 2004

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A sneak peak of the videos Umeng recorded.

More coming soon!

Johan Gielen is GOD.

He played a god damn uplifting set!!!

The event ended about 4AM, not 6AM as we expected. As Johan Gielen was about to leave, everyone shouted for more. Unfortunately, he only gave in twice. He ended his set with a speech along the lines, �In 24 hours I will be in Spain, but my heart will be in Malaysia!�

The venue was the same as the one last year. But this year, it was madness. It was the first time I see a sardine packed out door rave. 12,000 PEOPLE OMG!! I was like a stupid pinball, being pushed around from left to right. It was packed from the beginning till the end of the dance floor!!

The 6 Melbourne Shufflers from Melbourne were great. Initially, they were separated into 6 designated podiums to dance. At the end of the night, they dance on the stage.

It didn�t rain but yet still cold. Despite the cold weather, it didn�t stop some girls from wearing bikini tops :D~~~

There weren�t any free ciggies as told before the rave. However, they gave out a free pouch. I didn�t bother to redeem it.

Well worth my RM35. Can’t wait for the next Genting Rave next year!

Next GENTING RAVE = Independance AUG 28 2004

Pictures courtesy of Iv’n of TRANCEMISSION @

19 thoughts on “Salem Genting Rave 2004”

  1. wow must’ve been a blast. any rave in dec please acknowledge me coz a group of us mite be hitting KL then.

  2. dogma: i was tulans too..but after johan gielen..oooo syokkivn: 12K ppl!! OMG!! can fight with overseas rave wei!! mingenathan: pictures are from ivn @ but i’m sure he doesnt mine you using his pictures, just give him credits for it 😀 Nizzan: no problem dude! keep visiting this site! 😀 YUMMIE: mmm nothing one la, there were ppl wearing them yesterday 😀

  3. kev: i strongly disagreehen: hehe yeah lo. but good enough already la eriq: yeah! the bottles were irritating man.. mmm bout the other genting rave.. i’m not sure whether i wanna go. genting is losing its novelty value hehe

  4. OMG OMG OMG!!!!That party looks fantastic. I was just chatting with my friends (the shuffler’s) and they had an awesome time…I am so sad I couldn’t make it and come dance with them on stage :-(I miss all you guys too. It would have been so amazing to be back in KL and party hard like that!!!Thanks so much for the images and links xes. I will put up the video’s of my shuffle on my site tomorrow… Take a look and let me know what you think.Keep safe, Party hard and Shuffle like no one is watching :-)Hayden –

  5. eishin: cannot work ler ehahae hayden: too bad u aint here man!! u missed everything!! LOLsmallghost: JD? is that some kind of pill? hehe

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