sick as fuck

Muslim’s fasting month of Ramadan starts today. Break it and you will go to hell!

Play this game. Some how burns loads of your brain cells.

Work today
I started work by sleeping for 2 hours in the conference room. The bosses were not here and they had nothing for me to do. I even went to Pertama Complex to get my 3 years old jeans fixed. My jeans used to be dark denim blue but now it’s light blue with many, many holes everywhere. The lady who fixed my jeans, even asked,

“Eh what happen to your jeans? You fell down is it?”

Now you know how bad it looks.

Anyway, work ended hectically. My bosses pushed tons of work for me to finish. Man.. I was multi tasking, printing document, photocopying documents and sorting out documents at the same time.

Night time
The gang was at Breakers playing foosball and chilling out Hartamas Square. While eating, Wei Chen accidentally dropped one of his fried dumplings on the table. I looked at it and suddenly a nostalgic feeling hits me. Wen Dee and I used to cook together while we were in Watson 16 (the house we were staying when we were in England). So on one particular day, I was happily chopping and deboning a chicken. Then suddenly, *piak!*

Me: oh fuck!!

The chicken fell into the filled dustbin. I quickly turned around saw no one and picked it up and started chopping it again. Eh wait, I washed it first ;D

However, unknown to me, Wen Kim (Wen Dee’s sister) was behind me, she witnessed one of the most gruesome events she has even seen. And the best part of all, she ate the chicken. HAHAHAH. Well, all of us did!!

16 Watson Roadians

13 thoughts on “sick as fuck”

  1. eWwwwwwWwww…..that is SO unhygienic….*pukEs*…..k k…everyone!do NOT eat CL’s cooking….YuCk….i aM SO disgusted…..and i feel really bad for the ppl who ate it….*vomits*

  2. hhhmmm…… i wonder if u cook in KL? Do u do the same trick again if some meat fall off the chopping baord? kekekeke…

  3. pennypup: aa then? throw it into the dustbin? dont waste food la. tai siew che hahaharyuu: but the ending damn sucky la ahhahapikey: wash it if it falls la..throw away meh..wasteful la

  4. ya loh the end a bit sucky.. i wished it could be a bit longer, but nevertheless, good fun!not too long until i have to skip my lunch during work 😛 just enough to start the day hehe..rather creative storyline.. anyting more like that?

  5. what tai siu che…..yamar….dun tell me u rather eat filthy food *pukes* than to get sick arrrrrr……..dENg…..what if u all got food poisoning….lagi sei rite?that time never kena….who knows what will happen if it happens again rite???*ugh*

  6. penny i think u have to change the way u type la, too many ……. damn hard to read ahha. aiyah, i washed it and then cook it..virus, bacteria, kulat, ameoba, fungus, insects bla bla bla also die la lalalala

  7. lols…GET USED TO IT THEN!jkhaha but still!!even though u cook it, still can kill pplthen explain why sum ppl eat at mamak can get food poisoning wan (ppl like me)all aso cook adi rites?thats why im against mamaks!

  8. dammit leong i’m jealous, how come you have time to go out every night? :p by the time i finish work its usually 7 something and i get home its already 8 something and i should be sleeping by 12 if i want to wake up at 6:30.

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