Lately, there had been a flu epidemic going on around the world. I had sore throat, fever and flu while I was in Krabi. A few of my friends caught the flu while overseas as well.
2 of my friends had food poisoning while we were in Krabi. I was fortunate to escape that sickness while in Krabi although I had been feasting on road side food and also at flies infested places.
Last Friday, I went back to the office to work and had lunch at one of our usual lunch places. I had a Wat Tan Hor (Cantonese Fried Noodles). It tasted a little funny hence I didn’t finish it.
A few hours later, I was vomiting my Wat Tan Hor in the toilet. I had to rush some work on that evening and couldn’t head home early. I was vomiting in my room – into my waste paper basket – and then continued my work.
I vomited at the car park while getting my car. I vomited while driving home.

After all those roadside food and flies infested places, I can’t believe my stomach fell to a plate of Wat Tan Hor which came from a coffee shop which was graded A for cleanliness!! Tunasing!!!

10 thoughts on “Sick”

  1. Sometimes it might not be the contaminated fool that caused one to vomit. It could also be caused “the wind” in the body, that’s if you believe in the Chinese “fung”. In either case, drinking ginger tea (real ginger juice + warm water) should make you feel better.

  2. man that sucks when u ate the wrong food, i had a bad experience of having fried noodles and red wine, i ended up barfing on my bed. anyway go see doc and take so meds.

  3. efly: saw Dr liao. im okay already!! can do burpees liao!
    Henry: LOL i tot you called me a contaminated fool kkek anyway thanks for the advice. Mum used to boil ginger water for me. Hated it big time!
    darren: woah. red wine and fried noodles sounds bad shape
    kimberly: kekeke yayaay!
    Anna: siew kai yeek!! i miss u!!
    wondney: damn sick..but no choice le..keeke

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