So what if you’re born on the 29th of February?

Just the other night before falling into sleep, i was counting my age in days. From that, it reminded me that it takes the earth exactly 365.25 days to complete its circle/orbit. As a result of this nature, we have an extra day in our calender however only in every 4 years. Yea, the leap-year(is that how u spell it?) whereby February gain an extra day than it usually does. The 29th Of February of cause.
You see, i was never lucky enough to know any friends who are born on this date. So there, my question for the day is, have you guys out there ever met any 29th of February babies? If so, how do they actually calculate their age? πŸ˜› every 4 years = 1 years old? if they still use the usual 1 year = 1 year old. Then which date of the year would be their birthday? 28th of feb? or 1st of march? Is there even a standardised birthdates for these feb 29th babies?
ps: i shall go sleep now before i think of more uncontructive entries. Welcome back sexx0r. i blogged, yay! now gimme my green-tea kitkat

12 thoughts on “So what if you’re born on the 29th of February?”

  1. aaaaiiik…h0th0t!!
    hrm, i know of someone whose birthday falls on the 29th of feb. it’s always a BIGBIG thing when it’s actually 29th of february. n the other 3 years…no news no nothing..XP

  2. i was born 1st march. i alwiz wonder e same thing if my mom had not have b abit more patience 2 release me 2 e world 1 day earlier. hahaha!
    then again, it was not a leap year but i do have thoughts like dat. nvr met 1 b4 my entire life. it must b a rare probability.

  3. i have a friend whos born on the 29th of feb. officially to us…her age is divided by 4. and she celebrates her birthday on the 28th instead. so no biggie…

  4. HeY HOn FAAi Ti Ti…remember me?JAnice?UR jie jIE?..hehe..WoOT WoooT FOund U HEre…Well i WouLD say TAt I “NEARLY” BoRN on The 29 Feb…CAuse…the doctor eVen Asked my MOm WhEtHEr She Wants ME To BE BoRn oN The 28 or 29 FeB as It was On One oR tWo hOURs Diff…ThAnks GoD I was bORn on 28Feb…CANT ImaGiNE ThAt i ONly gEt TO CeLebrate OnLY oNCe in EVEry 4 YEArs…;op

  5. ooh~~ talking about green tea kitkat, we have mango & passionfruit KitKat and red berry KitKat!!
    SO YUMMY WEH!!!!!!
    u want some?

  6. c0ldc0ld: wah lidat mai damn cham? 4 years once only celebrate? but nvm, i suppose ur friend’s cake is 4x bigger than a my usual 1kg chocolate cake.
    diehardx: cl0se call huh? πŸ˜›
    ddkwh: then when she fill in her personal details for formal documents, she divide her age oso? πŸ˜›
    xes: then im sure most people would choose 28th than the 1st right? i heard that some ppl pantang celebrate bday AFTER their birthdate
    chuoming: tq mate πŸ˜‰
    amos: then u and diehardx can thr0w bday parties together oh πŸ˜‰ double the fun ma!
    janice: of cause i rmbr u. after being around sunway for a year plus now, i still havent get the chance 2 meet you wor πŸ˜› you hiding from me meh? oh, so you’re a cesarean born baby too? πŸ˜› same here.
    xes: she’s taken edi la πŸ˜› stop hinting πŸ˜›
    suann: nola. we decided that jen’d deliver naturally. so dont know whether can jackpot 29th of march so tepat or not la πŸ˜› why not u and calvin try la ?
    galferari: wah gfr, long time no c. u lenglui so much edi wor πŸ˜› still so hawt and sexah#@! ps: yea, i want them all πŸ˜› all the new flavours *winks*

  7. HEy FaAi…Aiks…*BlUShed*yeah…True ThoU…MuST bE ThE WRonG timINg..I’m LEaViN COll U pUlAk EnTEr COll…hehehe…we shall meet UP SOmeDAy..OH YEAh..WhEr’s MY FrEE RiDE CoMiN My CuTE tI AR?
    xes:I”M nOT A FaAi’s ReAl JIE…JUST WAt u CAllEd The mIRc CYvBEr JiE…hehehe..;p

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