Soon Long’s Farewell.

Since sLoonG is leaving for Perth, we held a small gathering in honour of that occasion.
It was at Rum Jungle. Rum Jungle is one of the new clubs in town. Its interior is nice, huge and loads of space. Music wise, they play trance, r&b, rock songs and so on. It somehow caters for all sorts of clubbers. The pub has an army of liquor girls. Their job is to woo people into purchasing liquor bottles. I think the liquor girls get a cut from the liquor we purchase.

While waiting for our liquor girl to settle our matter, another liquor girl came, *note not h0t liquor girl.
“Do you want to purchase a liquor bottle?”
“We got two already”
Everyone *IGNORE*
“Please purchase a bottle from me”
Poor girl, no one replied her questions.
After spending an hour looking for a seat to accommodate all of us, we settled down at the topmost floor. It initially belonged to a couple but we somehow occupied the seats and hence sent the couple back to the ground floor. Wai Keong even took the opportunity to finish their leftover finger food on the table.
Our farewell gathering was also a sausage party. No idea there weren’t any girls on our table. Probably sLoonG didn’t invite any female friends. Poor guys have to resort into dancing with each other. How gay.
However, we had a great time. It was great catching up with old friends.
Fortunately, our sausage party wasn’t entire a sausage party. We had 2 female friends as well. One of our female friends have this liking of taking pictures of herself with OUR digicam. She made various poses. Here’s one.

We left the place at 3 plus. It rained heavily though. We had to wait till the rain subside. While waiting, one of my friends brought 3 bottles of mineral water.
“Hey everyone drink up! It’s free!!”
Me: “Wah, this club is damn nice!!”
Everyone: *GLUP GLUP GLUP*.
Suddenly, 2 employees of the club came.
“Oi did you guys just take 3 bottles of mineral water?”
We sense trouble. The mineral water wasn’t’ free!. In desperation, Hen said,
“No la!! We bought it from that counter over there. You can ask them!”.
Employee 1: “How much did you get it for?”
Hen: Err.. eh where is X?? (trying to change topic)
As we were about to settle the matter, Kiang came over, stood next to the 2 employees and said,
“Oi! Here’s more water! drink up everyone!!”
We had to run for our lives under the rain after that.

14 thoughts on “Soon Long’s Farewell.”

  1. what the … u guys stole from the counter … muahahaha
    Run jungle was’nt that fun … crappy music, and the staircase is kinda hazardous … tipsy + staircase = accident to happen
    yeah the rain was shitty, left the Loft at 3:30 and it started to rain, jam like hell

  2. frank: cannot make it la, u sure u’re not wearing ur beer googles now? hehe
    Applegal: hehehe we were all broke from drinking hehe
    Darren: hehe scary-la
    Kiang: yeah la, somemore u got time to kau lui!!
    earl-ku: ooo u went to the loft? its another banana plantation there wei! the last time i went there, the majority of the crowd was guys!
    ferker: cannot la, the rain polluted like hell wei. somemore when i was running the water kept on splashing on my eyes, at that point, i wished that i had a viper installed on my eyes.

  3. xes: you are so wrong … the chicks there are like what do call a plantation which has lotsa chicks?
    chicken farm? hahahahahaha
    and there is this group of models there with this bunch of uncles … or datuks …hmmmm
    lotsa chicks … wanna go this week?

  4. earl-ku: aiyah but the majority of the crowd are guys la. not enough lubangs for all wei! this week zoukfest wei!! u going?

  5. jinhan: lol papaya farm need some plucker to go wan … me not feeling like plucking these days la … hahaha
    xes: most probably no, coz no more room liao … need some place to crash la …

  6. lol … cannot … after the party, must get some sleep … then get up later and go visit uncle lims …
    guys ok la, gals cannot tahan wan la …

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