Stop Twisting My Panties!

Hello all, and a happy 2008!
I know, I know, this is rather late, and I disappeared without saying goodbye. I must admit, I did attempt to tender my resignation from blogging on numerous occasions during the last quarter of 2007, but xes kept disappearing and pretended not to hear me. So, I am still a guestblogger.
Which means, I still get to rant on and on right here, and you have NO choice but to listen (read)!
So xes, you can stop twisting my panties and I will do my best to find havoc in my life in order to have blogworthy news. Not to the extent of joining demonstrations and wet t-shirt contests.
Just a brief update. A change in career lead to many busy nights, therefore less opportunities to socialise, and thus less adventures to blog about. Even eating out has been, and is scarce.
My boss is still a bit difficult, and for the past month, I find myself thinking about a transfer to another department. It’s not him, it’s the job, or it could be him plus the job. Dunno.
Bimboman and I are still together, and doing our best to make the long-distance relationship work. I admit that it’s really hard work, and my determination in making it work is wobbly. I’m just tired, and I blame it on my job. I find myself venting my frustration on him, but so far, no huge arguments. 😉
Valentine’s day this year went by without any form of sexual harassment, hurray. Probably due to the fact that I was mistaken to be an elephant from behind. Nobody wants to molest an elephant.(Read: I’ve put on so much weight that my bum is 60-inch wide.)
I am ashamed to admit that although I am a citizen of age, I did not vote in this year’s election. I know, I know. How irresponsible of me not to register last year! And I wished I had voted! Arggghh.
I also understand that famous bloggers (sniff) have been attending pajama parties and many more happening events. I WANT IN!!!!!!
Oops, I do apologise for rambling. Xes merely instructed me to drop a note to say HI. ;X
I shaddup now.
But I’ll be back, sorry ya!
p/s: Is the gathering still on?

12 thoughts on “Stop Twisting My Panties!”

  1. Hey there! Wow so long time din post anything, i might not be able to join the gathering too..failed to apply my leave. Boss wont let me go that time. Events and functions going on in Miri too..

  2. harros iv’N! hear u got gf wor ;P
    Low: stop imagining my bum
    zhong: hahahaha thanks, but i’m not happening like xes! me got very boring life. ;P

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