stupid clock

tiu, mahai. I set my clock wrongly this morning and ended up attending my seminar an hour earlier. I waited there for an hour and wondered why my seminar mates arent around. God damn it! Waking up for a 9am seminar is one of the hardest tasks in the world (especially when you sleep at 3am in the morning) and here I ended up attending a seminar at 8am. Tired and frustrated, I ended up sleeping in the library for 3 hours.

Sigh, Dad just sent me another email ordering me not to return to Malaysia. This is the 3rd one he has sent so far. He’s darn worried about SARS.

Finally, some photos..


2 thoughts on “stupid clock”

  1. sex, these wen dee is which one ? she looks so familiar ……chan wen dee ? from smkdj ??hmm looks like my school mate… not very sure bout it…hmmmm

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