Sui Lin’s Birthday @ Velvet, 15.4.2006

This year round, Sui Lin had her birthday bash at Velvet. Celebrating your birthday at a club is either a bold move or you’re mad. I definitely wouldn’t want to celebrate my birthday at a club. I still love my liver, man.

So anyway, she invited loads of people, so many until the stranger on the next table is a friend of Sui Lin. Also, it was sort of a joint birthday party with Kwang, if I’m not mistaken.

Throughout the night, I hung out with Cris. Ben Lai, Melvin, Sow, Big Ben and Sharon Dilirius.

The club was PACKED. Every second I had people pushing me left and right. It was hot like a sauna too. Melvin had a ‘waterfall’ problem, he was sweating like a pig, but luckily he had his trusty white handkerchief with him 😀

Further, there were so many people in the club until I had people stealing my cup. I left it on our table for few minutes and when I came back for it minutes later, I find that our table and my cup have become someone else’s table and someone else’s cup.

Despite the huge turnout for Sui Lin’s birthday, no one actually tried to bombard her with alcohol. Even Sow didn’t want to bomb her! Sui Lin was roaming around the club, SOBER! I wanted to get her a drink but it was a huge hassle walking to the bar as there were too many people.

Since the club was pack like a can of sardines, I decided to chill at Terrace Bar with the Hardsequance crew. Moments later, I saw Sui Lin being drag out from the club into Terrace Bar’s unisex toilet. Speaking about unisex toilet, I find it uncomfortable. I don’t want any girls waiting for my cubicle while I do my business. Also, I would have to aim properly so that I would miss the target 😛 Further, the unisex toilet does not remind me of Ally McBeal’s office toilet. It reminds me of Mamak toilets.

So back to Sui Lin, apparently I heard that Sow bought her a tray of shots. Sow is an evil man. So much for, no more birthday bombing.
As such, it was the end of the night for Sui Lin.

Sow: I wanted Sui Lin to lie on the floor drunk and scream “I don’t remember my name anymore!!”.

Unfortunately, Sui Lin didn’t. All she had was a headache. Boohoo. Anyway,

Also, another birthday shoutout to Gayvin Tan. Although you’re so far away in Melbourne, you cannot run from me!!

I received this msg from Gavin this afternoon.

Gavin says:
damn the cat attacked me, now i got claw marks and im bleeding some places
Gavin says:
eh fuck wrong person (wrong window)
Gavin says:
Stop raping your cat Gavin.

Anyway, thanks for the favours i.e. buying lotion for my mum. Dinner’s on me! Hope you have a great one! More drunk pictures please!

14 thoughts on “Sui Lin’s Birthday @ Velvet, 15.4.2006”

  1. galferari: eh not belated bday. her bday is today 😀
    wolfx: where got low tolerance ler. u try drinking the amount she drank la. keek

  2. maaaaacheeebyeee sei leong fucker!!!! how the hell you get that photo?!?
    tiu moooouuu…
    heheheh anyway thanks! i am lucky! this year i managed to escape birthday punishment! i gonna camp in the uni till this is over! wahahahahaha

  3. sarah: yeah mehh??? liddat happy bday to you!! hehe
    Gavin: the day has not ended yet. PREPARE TO DIE!!!
    Sui Lin: it was taken in terrace bar

  4. hehehehe i’ve got this planned for six months wont have a drunken birthday photo of me this year! you will fail! wahahahahaha

  5. i meant..the “time” of this post ->11.29pm which is same with my birthday..11(nov)29(th)..
    suilin:happy birthday ;)))

  6. xes: u said she was sober and then being dragged out of toilet moments later mah.
    Suilin: Oh yeah…happy belated b’day. 😀

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