Olympics Badminton Final – Part II

When I was young, I sucked big time in badminton (and I still suck). I could never return a shot and also serve properly. I was a complete failure. But at that time, badminton was a huge thing and all my friends were fighting hard for a spot in the school team.
It was in the early 1990s when the former world badminton singles champion from China, Yang Yang settled down in Malaysia to coach. And it was by chance that my parents and I bumped into Yang Yang while we were having breakfast in Ying Jia restaurant.
Mum: Ah Boy, go and get Yang Yang’s signature.
Me: okok.
(walks over)
Me: Yang Yang, can I please get your signature??
Yang Yang: Sure! (signs on my autograph book in Chinese)
I didn’t understand a word he wrote but I ran back to Mum screaming “MUMMMMMMM I GOT IT!!!!!!!”
From there onwards, the autograph book was one of my prized treasures.
But as the years went by, this incident faded off from my memory – until Mum reminded me during dinner today.
Mum: You remember about the autograph incident last time? Did you know that Yang Yang signed your autograph book as “郭富城”.
I then realised that Yang Yang had signed off as “Kwok Fu-Shing” also known as Aaron Kwok, one of the famous singers at that time. p4w3d!