San Francisco 2011 – Cycling – East Beach

As tourisy as it may sound, cycling in San Francisco was extremely fun. A friend of mine suggested that we go cycling after the conference and she invited 2 of her others friends from Japan and Brazil.

I haven’t cycled for more than 10 years hence riding a bike was quite difficult for me. Nevertheless, my friends and I cycled from 10am to 7pm. In the end of the day, I had sunburn, my bum hurts and it almost destroyed my thighs!

We started off our journey by taking the vintage cable car from Ellis Street to Hyde Street. It’s US$5 per trip and there’s usually a queue to get on it.

We got off at the last station and walked towards the Blazing Saddles to rent a bicycle for ourselves. The rent is US$9 per hour.

I wonder how to ride this..

We were given a short briefing on where to go. Our main destination was of course the Golden Gate Bridge.

Directions to our destination. In text form.

My friends rode the bikes without any problem while I struggled with it. It took me a while to get used to it.

We passed the East Beach. I was there a day before. Loads of activities going on there. We stopped by there for a rest and pictures.

Mummies congregation!

To be continued..