Berlin, Germany – Copy Print

One of the things I’ve learn from my Berlin trip is to have enough business cards. Once you run out of business cards, you would have a lot of explanations to do and probably lose some good contacts. It’s the ultimate weapon to establish contacts.
But life being life, things are always unexpected. You may run out of it while on your business trip or worst of all, you forgot to bring it along.
You could always explain to your contact that you forget your card but you’ll email him your contact later. In such event, the chances of them replying to your email is slim and most likely they have forgotten about you. Further, you’ll be left out of their option when they go through their business cards to see what contacts they have to pass work to.
If anyone encountered any of the aforesaid problems, one of the solutions is to get your name cards printed.
Just next to Schweinske, lies a printing shop which could duplicate business cards. It’s quite impressive but it’s also very expensive. All we need to provide is a copy of the name card or even a soft copy of the name card. For a hard copy of a name card, the shop can duplicate the business card even it’s in someone else’s name! As for the soft copy, always keep a copy online so it’s accessible when it needs to get printed.

It only takes couple of hours to get the business cards printed. However, the quality of the paper may differ from the original one.
I ran out of business cards on my 2nd last day. I had to resort to using my colleague’s business card. I had my name written next to his. It wasn’t a good solution as my writing resembles a bunch of worms mixed up together. But being poor and desperate, I had no choice.
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