Bolder Ventures Climbing Gym @ Subang Jaya

I just found out about this place through the Rock Climbing in Malaysia Facebook group.

Ping and I went check out this new climbing gym. It’s deep inside an industrial area. It has boulder and small top rope walls.

Roof for top rope! But no handholds yet


Two guys were taking care of the place when we were there. One of them was busy with a gaming console while the other was on his laptop. The toilet sink had unwashed dishes. The urinal had a spider. It looked like a bachelors pad to me than a climbing gym!

Uncle Fai showing it how it is done

Panoramic picture of the gym by Carness

Nevertheless, the boulder walls are not bad. The handholds are unique and rough. Boulder roof, however, is a little cramp. Routes are still challenging though.

The only thing I liked about here is that it’s near my place. Entry is only RM15 and there are no strict rules like Camp 5. Place is smaller than Mad Monkeyz.


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11, Jalan Industri USJ 1/2
Taman Perindustrian USJ 1, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-8023-4948

Rock Climbing @ Putrajaya Challenge Park, Putrajaya

In a galaxy far, far away from Kuala Lumpur lies a rock climbing gym by the name Challenger Park. My usual climbing buddies had to fly a spaceship to reach this gym. It was so damn bloody far!

But the trip was well worth it. I’ve been wanting to climb here since its open. The entrance fee is cheap, only RM6. The walls are great. They have bouldering walls and climbing walls for lead climbing. Each of these walls are divided into beginner, intermediate and expert walls.

Expert Lead Wall

(L) Intermediate lead wall and (R) Intermediate and Expert bouldering walls

At the background, Beginner’s Bouldering Wall

The walls are quite similar with the walls at Camp 5 climbing gym. I heard this gym is build by the same people who built Camp 5.

My friends and I tried the expert bouldering wall. Large part of it was reclining and very high. So high that I don’t dare to climb all the way to the top -_-

The expert routes are also extremely tough. I can’t even finish one -_-

This place is also unregulated unlike Camp 5. In Camp 5, there are many rules one must follow. But here, it’s cowboy town. You can scream all you like and climb in whatever manner you want. It’s basically a lower class version of Camp 5. AWESOME!!!

Unfortunately, the quality of their shoes is poor. Their shoes have big holes on the front tip – probably due to overuse. I wouldn’t recommend beginners to climb here. Intermediate level climbers (with their own gears) are welcome.


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Camp 5 Climbing Gym @ 1 Utama

View of Camp 5 – from outside

I finally climbed at the much anticipated Camp 5 rock climbing gym. The place was brand new hence the walls and handholds were rough.

However, getting there was a problem. Since Christmas is approaching, the queue to get into 1u shopping centre’s car park was few miles long. But we had a better idea. We parked at the housing estate and walked to the shopping centre.

Traffic Jam!!!

The Walls.

But since the walls are brand new, our limbs were prone to be scraped by the wall.

Wall for Lead Climbing (Lead Climbing – where you have to clip the rope on to the runners (clips that are attached to the wall)

There’s a huge indoor lead climb wall. I tried unclipping the rope from the runners. Wahlao, it was so bloody scary.

Bouldering Wall – climbing without ropes. Loads of power needed.

Powerful Men

Tight area to climb. The metal bar looks dangerous. I always have this image of myself falling on to the metal bar…landing between my legs on the bar!!
Other than the indoor lead climb wall, one should check out the auto belay device. It’s a small device fixed on top of the wall. All the climber needs to do is clip himself/herself on the rope connected to the small device and climb. In order to descend, all the climber needs to do is let his hands go and put his weight on the rope!

The Auto Belay Device

Hundreds of Handhold and Runner

Speaking about ropes, the ropes in the gym are dynamic ropes which means that the ropes will expand upon pressure. It’s not so good when belaying a heavy person. Cris crashed into me after he fell. He would have missed me if the rope didn’t expand!
As for the routes, they have many types of routes but many of them are not for beginners.

However, such state of the art climbing gym comes with a heavy price. The entrance fee for adult is RM22. Rental for shoes and harness is RM7 and RM5 respectively.

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