Peak District Adventure – Part II

Continuation from Peak District Adventure – Part I

Once we finish touring Chatsworth House, we had another problem. We don’t have transport to get out. Dad and I had to walk out from Chatsworth (it has a long drive way). It was so tiring that Dad stood on the side of the road, raised his thumb, to hitch hike. Unfortunately, no one was kind enough. We ended up on the main road and found a bus station. Unfortunately again, the bus to our destination, Castleton, doesn’t arrive in an hour. Castleton’s main attraction is an underground cave. It looks good from the picture. Dad and I had to sit on the roadside and wait.

We were subjected to cold chilly wind and hot sun. That explains why I’m down with fever now. There was once Dad ran towards a Peak District Ranger truck seeking help. However, the bloke had a little drink and he couldn’t even see the bus timetable properly.

Minutes later, a bus arrived. We asked the bus driver to take us to the nearest train station that could go to Sheffield. Unfortunately again, there aren’t any. We had to take the bus from the other side of the road to head down to Sheffield but the next bus would be in an hour’s time. He gave us an alternative route. He suggested that we walk to another town nearby to take a bus to Sheffield. However, it’s about 3 miles and Dad is too tired. Dad suggested that we hop into the bus and take a look around Peak District. We did. It was fun. We could see places that no tourist bus would bring us.

The whole area was hilly hence we climbed hills and enjoyed the aerial view of the entire Peak District plus the lovely country houses.

We managed to get back to Sheffield. All credits go to our lovely bus driver.