Koh Samui – Miscellaneous pictures

As usual, I will end my Koh Samui entry with a few miscellaneous pictures. Enjoy 😀

Road safety is not a high priority in Koh Samui. Most motorists do not wear a helmet.

On a songthaew (truck-based vehicle with a pair of bench seats in the back, one on either side). Can fall off anytime.

Hello Kitty motorcycle!

With Doraemon mat!

Inside a convenient store. Got dog sleeping here. -_-

Intellectual Property here doesn’t seem to be protected well. 7 Express that looks like, 7 Eleven, also can…

Bitagen! Left bottle looks like..

Vitagen Bottle.

And right bottle looks like Yakult’s!

Woah..bird nest..

Si beh hot ah kua! reminds me of Bimbobum!!!