Gangstarz Finale @ Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam

I was fortunate to be given tickets to watch the finale of Gangstarz, a local reality show. It was held at Stadium Melawati and was aired live on TV3.

It rained when we arrived at Stadium Meliwat. We had to bring our umbrella out but we couldn’t bring it into the stadium and had to leave it outside the stadium. I was quite surprised to find our umbrella at the same place where we left it. The last time I left my umbrella somewhere was when I was at the KL Bar auditorium for a talk. Some bloody lawyer/chambie stole my umbrella hence forcing me to walk under the rain.

There was some pre-show entertainment where the host started some sort of dancing competition. And thank god it wasn’t a Melbourne Shuffle competition. They had couple of people dancing on the stage and one danced like a sotong (octopus). The grand prize was a 3 days 2 nights trip to Bali.
Before the dance started, one of the contestants fell off from the stage. How embarrassing.

From Philippines – 3.5!

All the contestants on stage
The show went alright. It wasn’t as good as the one I went previously. The finalists were teams from Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. The winner of Gangstarz is determined by judges’ rating and also SMS votes. The unfair part is that only those in Malaysia can vote. When I heard about this, my first impression is that the contest would be really unfair to non Malaysian. However, the last season was won by an Indonesian team.

A guy came in wheelchair.
And this season was won by One Nation Emcees, a Malaysian team! This team consists of 3 guys and 1 girl. Their style is hip hop based and in fact, they associate themselves heavily with Black Eyed Peas.

Gangstarz is partly sponsored by Maggi!
Congrats to One Nation Emces!

Gangstarz @ TV3

This is a season to eat durian falalalalalalaa..
Everybody smells like durian fallallalala
And it’s true that many people smells like durian during this season. I was at the live performance of the local reality show Gangstarz – standing next to celebrity judges Ajai, Sheikh Haikel and Jaclyn Victor.

All of a sudden, the smell of durian slowly trickled into my nose. I had to quickly take a step backwards to escape the smell. Euw.

When I first heard about Gangstarz, I thought it’s some reality show that appeals to the Malays. In fact, when I was at the hall, 99% of the audience was Malay. I thought I would bore myself to death.
But after catching it live, I was wrong. It’s one of the best local reality shows around. The contestants consist of groups from Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. To my surprise, this show is broadcasted in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia but only those based in Malaysia can vote.
The singers sang extremely well and many of these foreign singers sang in Malay. They had to practice over and over again to get their pronunciation right. But for the grand prize of US$100, 000, all these hard work are well worth it.



Paragon Child

All the contestants
My favourite singers are 3.5 and Paragon Child. I hope one of them wins!