Restauran Choy Kei @ Happy Garden, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

Sometimes I wonder why so many KL-lites love driving up to Penang to eat. Why drive few hundred kilometers for Chinese hawker food when you can have something equally great at Old Klang Road?

This round’s review will be on Restaurant Choy Kei, located at Happy Garden. The restaurant has great food but doesn’t look appealing. The ventilation isn’t that good and it gets really hot in the afternoon. Bring loads of tissues along. Notwithstanding all these unappealing factors, Restaurant Choy Kei is a treasure trove of great food.

There are three stalls that are worth mentioning in this restaurant namely the stalls that sells pork noodles, chicken rice and fish head noodles.

My personal favourite would be the pork noodles stalll. The pork noodles stall serves excellent dry version of pork noodles. Their noodles come with a generous serving of minced meat also black pepper minced meat underneath the noodles. The soup on the other hand comes with pieces of soft and tender pork meat and also a half boiled egg. The stall closes around 2pm.

The fish head noodles stall is also quite well known. Its somehow related to Win Soon – Restaurant Ah Soon Fish Head Mee. I was told that the taste of this noodles is around the same with Win Soon’s fish head noodles. Thus, I believe it is good. Check out Kuchai Boy’s review at his blog.