Our New Home

As an employee in Kuala Lumpur, it is very difficult to get a decent place. I was saving money for a place since I started working but recently, the property prices shot up tremendously. 3 years ago, single storey houses in Happy Garden, Old Klang Road were selling at RM200,000. But now, they’re selling them at RM400,000. BIG FAT FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Fortunately, my Dad was kind enough to give my wife and I a roof to stay. The only problem is that the house was a run down house. We had to renovate it.

When I first saw this place, I thought it was haunted. My contractor was scared when he first entered the house. He even did a little ceremony to “calm the spirits” before starting the construction. I even consulted a fengshui master to check whether it’s haunted!

Fengshui master said, “Not haunted-lar”. Suddenly the house doesn’t feel so scary anymore.

Here are some pictures showing the transformation of the house.

I always thought this toilet was haunted.

I had to smash some walls, change all the toilets, piping and wiring system, repaint the house, replace the tiles and kitchen roof, rebuild a kitchen and build a pergola. It all costs me slightly above RM200,000. It was all worth it! But now I’m poor. Please don’t rob me.

I had a little hiccup when my house got broken in by copper wire thieves. They carted away all my copper wires. Bastards!!

After that my contractor devised a way to seal the house..

He used an old door to cover the window.

As for furniture, I got mine from a local manufacturer by the name Hin Lim. Their stuff is reasonably priced but the only problem is that we need assemble the furniture ourselves. The dining table was fairly easy but the sofa was tough as their wood is hard.

Fortunately, my buddies KF and Umeng helped me to setup my sofa. I think we went home with blisters on our hands.

Another of my buddy, Hen sponsored my house an office chair. His family business manufactures and supply office fixtures. You can get some of his awesome office fixtures at http://www.ysbusiness.com.my/. Satisfaction guaranteed!

My wife and I moved in during Chinese New Year and we had couple of open houses. One of them was a Luk-Luk party. We had a Luk-luk truck to come our place for RM800. I didn’t need to prepare or clean up much!

I still have couple of outstanding furnitures that I need to buy. But without a fixed salary now (since I started my own law firm), I have to be vigilant when spending.

Hope things will turn out well!