Peng Jiu Fish Head Noodles @ Imbi Market, Kuala Lumpur (友九鱼头米)

After losing my Mayorship of Yut Kee on foursquare, I decided to find solace at Imbi Market. You may remember I blogged about this place many months ago. Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea was recommended by me as a good breakfast place.

After eating at Ah Weng Koh for a few times, I discovered a stall selling tasty fish head noodles. It’s just a few steps away from Ah Weng Koh and apparently it was recommended by Lonely Planet! You can see a few articles pasted on the stall.

I did a Google search on it but I can’t seem to find any blogs featuring this place.

Anyway, their fish head noodles soup is quite thick and creamy with generous amount of meat. Overall quite tasty.

Picture taken with my camera phone. Pardon the quality.

It comes with a cute little basket to dispose bones or anything you dislike.

The only problem with eating at Imbi Market is that it is bloody hot. Made me sweat like a pig.

My shirt was all wet – as if I just joined a wet t-shirt contest.

Imbi Market is just a few metres away from Pasar Rakyat. Parking space is ample. You may park by the roadside or pay RM2 for private parking.


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