ThinkPartyThoughts @ Markets, Jaya One

On 5.10.2013, ThinkPartyThoughts (wife and her partner’s little start-up selling partywares) set up a booth at Markets @ Jaya One. It’s a quarterly bazaar held at Jaya One with numerous stores selling all sorts of stuff like clothes, accessories, food and handicrafts.

It was their second time setting up a booth there and I had to help them carry their stuff (I’m their coolie).

They now have a permanent spot at Sunday’s, Bangsar Village II. Ms. Helen Read (founder of local fashion plus size boutique, Ms Read) liked their product and gave them a spot.

At Sunday’s.

Anyway, the traffic in Jaya One was not bad. We had a steady flow of traffic and we got a good spot in front of Starbucks. Hence, we took two tables to accommodate our friends who came to visit and hang out. I cant remember how many drinks we bought from Starbucks.

We were there from 9am to 6pm. It was fun in the beginning but started to get draggy towards the end. Sales were mostly made in the afternoon but slow in the evening. Anyway, the purpose of setting up the booth was for exposure and publicity purposes. I think they achieved that in the end.

It was nice change from working as a lawyer to a retail outlet coolie.