Dessert @ Kuantan

Mustafa Cendol

Kuantan was boiling hot hence we decided to cool ourselves with a nice bowl of Cendol @ Mustafa Cendol.

In KL, you can get a bowl of cendol from a small stall and you probably have to eat by the roadside e.g TTDI cendol. But Mustafa Cendol must be something in Kuantan, it’s like a restaurant!

The bowl of cendol came in a stainless steel bowl, which I think makes the cendol retains its cool. It’s not too sweet – just nice!

Other than cendol, I heard that this place serves good ABC and rojak.

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Keropok Lekor @ Kuantan Mini Zoo

Yes, at all places, you can get good keropok lekor (dried fish crackers) in Kuantan Zoo. Its only 30 cents per piece (or RM1 for 3 pieces). It’s crispy from the outside but soft inside.

Deep fried crab!!

However, be careful while in Kuantan Mini Zoo. I saw a monkey kidnapping someone’s keropok lekor after he walked away to take some pictures. I’ll fight to death if a monkey does that to me!!