Muar Creampuff @ Fung Seng Confectionary, Jalan Abdullah, Muar

I was at Muar with my wife to attend my former house mate’s wedding. My former house mate, Alex Ng, moved back to Muar to practice as a lawyer after years of serving as a lawyer in one of Kuala Lumpur’s reputable firms. He now runs his parents’ legal firm.

The wedding was massive. There were more than 90 tables.

So back the topic of food, I went back to the chicken rice ball and otak-otak place for lunch.

The place was packed. But it was well worth the wait especially the concoction of chicken rice balls, otak-otak with dark and thick soya sauce. You can read my earlier review here.

Lynnzter recommended that I try the cream puffs at Fung Seng confectionery at Jalan Abdullah. It’s a massive bakery with all sorts of cakes and pastries. Since I was quite full with lunch, I only bought their cream puff which came in a box of 8 small mini cream puff.

Each cream puff was chilled. Their corn flavoured cream filled the pastry to the brink. It was absolutely delicious!

Not much is said about the creampuffs on the internet but I think it’s worth buying back home for friends and family. And it’s only RM2.80 per box!

89, Jalan Abdullah,
84000 Muar


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