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With election looming, it’s time for Barisan Nasional to dish out some goodies. The latest goodie, the repeal of the Internal Security Act 1950 and the 3 emergency ordinances. Although this move is highly applaud, it still doesn’t solve many of this country’s problem. Corruption and abuse of power are still rampant.

To evaluate whether the Barisan Nasional has done well since the last election, the article by Lucius Goon published by Malaysian Insider is a good article to evaluate whether BN have done well.

SEPT 15 – If Malaysians ever needed any evidence on what sustained opposition and pressure from the public can achieve, they need not wonder any more.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced that the ISA would be repealed, that the laws of assembly would be changed, that the three proclamations of Emergency will be repealed, etc. This is indeed a welcome move and as expected the PM will claim credit and say that it shows that he is a reformer.

Let’s not forget Malaysians, today came about only because Najib is desperate. He knows he has lost middle Malaysia because of his administration’s flip-flops, corruption, the antics of the First Family and the right-wing bent of Umno politicians.

It is akin to Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi trying to reform the judiciary and set up the MACC (we know how that turned out) after the major reverses of 2008. He too only moved after the voters gave him a whack.

It does seem that our Umno leaders will only give us what we want and deserve when they have no more options. This is hardly surprising because reform and Umno do not exist in the same planet.

Tomorrow’s headlines in the mainstream media will be effusive and over the top.

The sycophants will call Najib Bapa Transformasi or Bapa Reformasi but I invite Malaysians to ponder on the role all of us especially the brave men and women of Bersih 2.0 played in forcing Najib to go down a path he never intended to go.

I also urge Malaysians to remember what has not changed and what can never be changed:

1) Bersih was declared an illegal organisation and six Parti Sosialis Malaysia politicians were detained unfairly and yet the government has not had the decency to apologise for its overreaction. Basically Malaysians were treated like criminals.

2) Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa have been given a free reign by Najib to push Malaysia to the right.

3) This is the administration which has reneged on its word on liberalising the economy. Instead, Najib is allowing Umno/crony capitalists to once again grab a share of big projects like the MRT, LRT.

4) Nothing is sacred anymore. Now our history is being changed to suit Umno’s current worldview. All because Mat Sabu said that Mat Indera was a hero for attacking a police post manned by British.

He was accused of supporting communists and then Umno-friendly academics said that British were friendly parties because Malaya was not colonised!!! History was turned on its head by liars who will say and do anything to stay in power.

5) Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbaini died under mysterious circumstances while in MACC buildings. Lawyer Shafee Abdullah would like us to believe that Sarbaini went on to the ledge for fun and then fell to his death. But we know better.

6) This is the administration which bullied its way to power in Perak, usupring power which the people gave to Pakatan Rakyat. Legal precedents were thrown out and the crooks were installed as the government.

7) This is the government where Umno types get 30 per cent commission on defence deals. This is what a Wikileaks cable said.

8) This is a government where the rights of Christians have been trampled on. I am not only talking about the Allah case but also the Alkitab issue.

9) This is also the government where a chief minister continues to lord over the state despite heaps of evidence of corruption and abuse of power.

So today belongs to Malaysians who have not flinched at the threats of the government and who have pressured Najib the reluctant reformer.

If you want a better Malaysia, you have to fight for it. The government only responds when we don’t buckle.

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Know your rights!

If you haven’t heard, 4 lawyers (or would be lawyers) were arrested by the police recently for distributing copies of the “Red Book”.

See the article by Malaysian Insider below.

Police see red over remand rights book
By Yow Hong Chieh
October 10, 2010

SRI PETALING, Oct 10 — Four legal aid volunteers trying to educate the public on their basic rights when faced with the police were themselves briefly detained today by police for distributing a book on remand rights.

Two lawyers and two chambering students from the Bar Council Legal Aid Centre (LAC) in Kuala Lumpur had been handing out the Bar Council’s “Red Book: Police and Your Basic Rights” to members of the public in Bukit Jalil here when they were arrested.

The four were taken to Sungei Besi district police headquarters at around 3.00pm for disseminating an “anti-police” publication, LAC KL chairman Ravinder Singh told The Malaysian Insider.

They were released some three hours later without charge. No statements were taken from them, and copies of the “Red Book” which had earlier been confiscated by the police were returned to them.

Ravinder said the Legal Aid Centre, an independent body under the Bar Council, was currently consulting its lawyers and would issue a statement soon.

The “Red Book” — launched in 2006 by de facto Law Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz — provides information on what to do when stopped, arrested or questioned by the police.

Legal Aid Centre volunteers handed out copies of the book in Sogo, Bintang Walk, Masjid Jamek and Bukit Jalil today to mark the start of National Law Awareness Week.

My Dad told me that during the The Communist Insurgency War in Malaysia, the police used to search premises for the “Red Book”. Those found with the “Red Book” are quickly whisked away by the police and never to be seen again. Apparently, this “Red Book” is the Little Red Book – a book filled with collection of quotations excerpted from Mao Zedong’s past speeches and publications.

A few people have asked me where they can download the Malaysian Bar’s Red Book. You can download the English version of the Red Book here and Malay version of the book here. You should print a copy and leave it in the car. 😛