HARDSEQUENCE presents SOLID @ Solar, Damansara Perdana – Sat. 19.4.2008

Yet another hard thumping night for KL-lites!

As some of you may know, the Bass Agents are of one of the people behind Hardsequence. The Bass Agents even has their own line of clothing. Check out their online store here! (Click for link). It’s amazing to see our home grown boys launching their own line of clothing. GanGaGuGu when you gonna stop selling KFC and open a shop aaa??

DJ GanGaGuGu

New stuff – but sold out!
Their line of clothing got so well known until some dudes decided to produce counterfeit t-shirts. LOL!

On a related note, I’m selling off my MelbourneShuffler hoodie. I’ve never worn it before. It’s been lying on my chair since the good guys @ Melbourne Shuffler
sent it to me last year. Unfortunately, this hoodie is no available @ the MelbourneShuffler website.

I think it’s a waste if it stays lying on my chair. Starting bid is RM50 (US$15) (not inclusive of RM15 for postage and handling). The bidding will close 7 days from this entry.
Start bidding now!
P/S www.xes.cx is coming out with its own tshirt soon. Watch this space!

moonboy – the 11 years old shuffler

I’ve been out of the Melbourne Shuffle scene for quite some time. Recently, while surfing the Melbourne Shuffle wikipedia page, I found a link to a video of a young boy shuffling to hardstyle music.
This 11 year-old boy …

1st song – SMF – Hahaha! – I love this song!

All I can say is WOW! 1 million hits!!!

Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 21

I took alot of photos today. I went Bourke Street, Swanston St, Flinder St, Collins Street, Spencer St. Station, etc. The best was in St Paul Cathedral, Flinders St., the architecture design is beautiful, never seen anything like it before.

I went Vic Mart this morning. I had Dutch Pancakes, it’s some small pancakes covered with maple syrup and butter, mmmm, nicee…ahhh…Then i had Spanish Doughnut, it’s a long crispy dough with caster sugar on it…mmm…nice..ahh. I bought a lot of souvenir for my parents and friends at Vic Mart. I bought this aromatherapy gadget and couple of essence oil for my parents, i wonder if it really works.

I went to Crowns again just now but this time I went into the casino, damn a lot of slot machines and gambling tables. I wonder how many millions does Crown make a day.

Tomorrow I’m gonna have Mcdonalds for breakfast with Nick before I leave, my flight is at 2:15PM, I think I’ll reach KLIA at 8:15PM.
This should be the last night here for my Melbourne trip, I’m gonna miss this place man.

Oh well, I think I’ll just visit here again next year, hopefully. hehe, I guess this is the end of my Melbourne trip journal. Goodbye.

Spotted Ayer Rocks from the plane while on the way home.

Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 19

I went clubbing at Sirens just now, kinda big place. There’s 2 rooms, 1 r&b and another one techno/trance. i was there wif my gf, nick, kerwynn, shawn, yeanpeng, joyce, kim, and others, johan got kicked out cause he’s in jeans, aw man , he walked straight back to Crown.

We ordered a bottle of Black Label, cost bout $120. I had bout 4 cups, all bottoms up, due to the other friends who wanted to get drunk fast, i ended up having a headache on my head now, uh.

After years of hearing all the significant of the special dance in Melbourne nightclubs, i’ve finally seen it! It seems that 99% of the people there (the techno/trance room) can do melbourne shuffle (thats what some people call that dance). It’s really damn nice and unique, i’m quite amazed! Usually in kl you can see 2 or 3 people doing Melbourne shuffle, but there its like everyone can do it, and oh yeah, the weed here smells better, hehe.

Today is the last day for me to do all the things i usually do. For example, watching The Simpsons. I taped the Simpsons today, damn nice…1 hour special, damn, i cant watch it in Malaysia no more . Furthermore, today its my last day of attending uni wif my gf, but thank god, the lectures are freaking boring and i haf to wake up early for it..sheshh…but oh well, one hell of an experience.

Gotta go sleep now

5 am ohrehdhe..


Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 16

I went to lecture again today, introductory macroeconomics, shesh, damn boring, thank god i’m taking law now. I met up with nicholas, yeanpeng, joyce, toon, jenkin and julian today. It’s the first time i see nicholas here ever since i came here. Didnt do nothin much today, went tahkei with nicholas then yamcha for a while. I had pizza and pasta for dinner at Mark’s, damnnn nice…cabonara and 1/2 pizza tandy chicken and marinara. yum yum

Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 15

I went to melbourne uni today, attended 2 lectures, psychology lecture and concept accounting lecture. i slept at the psychology lecture, fuh..the theatre rite, damn hightech..hehe..somemore their seats are like cinema seats (tgv seats), so nice and comfy, i feel asleep for the whole class..ehhhehe
Melbourne Uni damn alot of ppl, they even haf some sports activity going on for free. There’s kickboxing, thaibo, wushu, fencing, etc etc..Butthen, free for one week only..sheshh..
Accounting concepts seems to be a very easy subject, it’s like my alevel accounting, and slightly easier, i wish i could take that subject..hehe
Trinity college is just next to Melbourne Uni (the colege where my gf used to study). It’s a nice place, with old block of building, wish i bought my camera along.
I’m going to uni tomolo again, sheshh, have to wake up early eventhought i’m on holiday, arghhhhh

Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 13

I met a lot of my friends today. Firstly, this afternoon, I went yamcha with sAsa, cHeeKyGaL and another friend at vis café, she has completely changed from hairstyle to dressing. It seems that her other 2 friends were from kl also, used to rave a lot. While at night, I met up with my old alevels course mates. They’ve just arrived from KL. I met up with akarvodo, akarhong, Irene, Johan and Roaland at Crowns. Johan damn chubby ohrehdeh, hehe. Akarvodo drives an altezza, fuh, damn power man.

After sitting there for couple of minutes, we ended up in Lin’contro at Swanston. Unexpectedly, Ker Wynn was there too. He was there for like 3 week ohrehdeh. He was with his friends that time so he didn’t join us for a drink . Few moments later, Jen Kin, Joyce and Yean Peng arrived. Had a few words with them, then they sat somewhere else. Me, Johan, gf, Irene, akarhong and roaland sat there for 2 hours. I went home bout 3 something, had to walk back home, no more trams oleidi. I notice there were a lot of drunkard along the road, Saturday night, everyone pei-ing everywhere.

Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 11

  • woke up literally @ dawn 8 am
  • bathed, ate leftover Shanghai noodles and 2 num loong pau
  • met friends Ann and Chris on the way out
  • Boarded the Gray Line bus to Menzies Creek where we took a couple of pics with the Puffing Billy. I felt like a sakai.
  • Bussed on to Warrook Cattle Farm. Had a $22 homestead lunch. *sob*
  • Took couple of pictures of friendly but greedy horses n peacocks.
  • Walked around, saw our 1st sheep, it greeted us with a *mehhh* so cute!!
  • Went into the fields where the sheep’s were. Guy explained about his doggie Jack and its duties. Jack rounded up the sheep.. even bit one of ‘em.
  • Went for a hay ride *ka bump* to see sheep shearing (it stinks there *euw*), then to milk cows. Tasted the milk straight out fresh. I tasted horrible, it’s very warm, somehow I feel disgusted by it, maybe it’s because I don’t really like milk, however my gf liked it
  • Hay ride again to play with the kangaroos. Saw one lonely wombat on the way, tho the sign read meet the wombat family. The Kangaroo’s were cool. It ate right outta ur hand, they were very friendly. Living harmoniously with the kangaroos are some geese and ducks, the geese are freaking fierce while the ducks are, hehe, nice to bully, we chased ducks into the water..hehehehe
  • Left farm, went to see koalas on Phillip Island. All I can say is, koalas are lazy all they do is eat, sleep, and shit. You’ll see the shit on the ground everywhere. Cute, nevertheless. Huge mosquitoes. *ouch*
  • Saw some great scenery near the Seal rocks.. WOW. Bass Strait separates the mainland and Tasmania. Saw the Nobbies a rugged rocky blunt mountain-looking thing. Very very beautiful.
  • Went to see the penguin parade. Damnnnnnnn coldddddddddd wore 4 layers of clothing.. brrrr kinda disappointing coz so few penguins showed up seems that they have not much reason to come up to shore in winter. We did see a few near their burrows, bout 4 5 of them. The thing that I notice is that they’re pretty stoned, I’ve seen couple of them standing dt the same place for a long time.
  • Time to go home, we had a sucky dinner in some lousy Italian restaurant. Souvenir shop bought fluffy penguins for my gf and meself..
  • On the way back to melb, we saw BEAUTIFUL stars like in a belt.. damn bright.. stretched vertically, not just flat out in the sky. Something like it rises from the horizon and spreads towards the sky, beautiful, simply beautiful!.
  • It took us 1 ½ hrs to reach home sweet home zzZzZzZZZzzzz
  • Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 9

    Another cold and usual day, i tried this spicy minced meat at this Shanghai noodle restaurant, very very big bowl, it’s about $5 a bowl..i think i my stomach almost burst when i finish the whole thing.

    and oh yeah, happy bday voonhiM!!!

    and happy belated bday choi hsia

    tomolo i’ll be off to see penguins at some island, it’s gonna be veryvery cold there.i heard its about 5 degrees. i’ll bring all my bloody jacket over therE. Winter really makes ur appetite grow, i’ve eaten alot today, and i’m still hungry!! oh well, i think i’ll eat a piece of kitkat chunk..hehe
    shit i’m getting fattttt arghgh