Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 8

Tadaaa…I went shopping again today. This time I went to Chappel street and bought a big hooded jacket. Then I took a tram to the beach, St Kilda Beach, it was very very very cold! It’s like the wind from South Pole blowing towards here..argh. The water was quite clean surprisingly, comparing to our lovely Port Dickson. I had fish and chips for dinner. Very nice (yeah, again), but the portion was too big, uh, we had some leftovers, and fed them to seagulls. After being bored to death at home, we went for ice-cream at New Zealand Natural on Lygon *yums*!! Still feeling very wai sek we then had Lamb Souvlaki @ Lambs (AGAIN). Better this time.. not so salty .. g’nite all!

Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 7

I woke up early today, went to Vic Mart (Market) to buy some groceries back home. It seems that the market here has some similarity with our market in Malaysia, the sellers here chants up their current prices loudly to everyone. The funny thing is, almost every shop is competing who is louder. The market here is far much cleaner than Malaysia of course. Back in KL, you’ll probably step into a puddle of $#@$# while your walking in the market. My gf bought 2 CDs at J.B Hi-fi for $4 each, damn cheap! Gatecrasher CD for $14++ I think, while some newest dance CDs cost bout $29.90. I had Vietnamese food for dinner today at Pho Zung with my gf, and her friends, Ann Chang, Jeannette and Hon San. Very nice indeed. It seems that most of the food I ate in Melbourne are nice huh? Oh no, minus the Slovlakis I had, it tasted, eumm too salty! I went to this adult shop (something like Mid Valley’s sex shop). Compared to KL, the one I went to today was AMAZING!!! They have plenty of dildos, fake pussies and asses, gay men videos and mags.. ewwwwww fake tits,etcetc.. they even have a cinema with different prices for different kinda of ppl.. e.g. senior citizens pay $6.90, while students pay $12.10, but most of the ppl I saw were old men (HORNY old men..) h0h0 Nighttime in Melbourne is pretty boring if you don’t club/rave here, I spend the whole night watching TV and VCD..sheshh

Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 6

An inactive day today, I was suppose to call bABybOo a.k.a. Pam, she asked me to go clubbing at Sirens today, but I guess I was lazy, sorry Pam!, hehe. I had Souvlakis Lamb for dinner at Lamb’s in Queensberry St. , it’s lamb with bbq sauce and garlic sauce wrapped in Pita Bread. The lamb’s quite salty, *eiiyuck* I tried Sub Zero Lemon just now, pretty nice. There’s also Sub Zero Mango, hmm, interesting huh?

Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 5

I had a long walk today, woke up bout 12 something, went to National Bank to change my old aussie notes to the new ones. After that, I went shopping! Smith St. was my first destination, there’s a lot of warehouses there, as in those branded warehouses. I bought a pair of Nike Sneakers for $120 at the Nike warehouse. My next stop was, Swanston St., bought a cap at Nike and a pair of shorts. By the time I finish shopping, it’s already 5pm, shops are closing that time, I ended up eating dinner at A1 café at Russell St. They have pretty good stuff there, I had this Char siew Siew chu yuk fan with egg chiffon, very tasty indeed. And for dessert I had ice cream from Hungry Jacks *yummy*! Lovely! While at night, it was all TV all night longggg..yawn..gnite

Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 4

There’s something new I learn today, I found out that Melbourne has plenty of conmen. You see, just now I was walking across a bridge after watching Moulan rouge at Crown’s, suddenly, there’s 2 white teenagers (claiming to be brother and sisters) claiming to be homeless after they were kicked out from the house by their mother. They were asking for $20 so they could stay at The Crown hotel for 1 night, but what I could see was, the guy looks pretty stoned and his eyes are droopy, probably smoked couple of joints. And yesterday, while I was in Chinatown, there’s this fellow asked me for 20 cents, which I refused to give, walked off furiously with a ‘fuck off’ word muttering out from his mouth. Nothing much happen today, I woke up like 4pm. The shops here closes at 5pm, aah, might as well stay home and watch the Simpsons.

Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 3

It’s 3:30am now, I just got back from yamcha with aNGeLNeSs aka Sarah at Lin Contro café I think. We were sitting outside, it was damn freaking cold. Oh, I saw akarvodo aka steven, it’s been 2 years since I’ve met him. After yamcha, me, my gf, angelness and her bro,farid, went Hungry jacks, the burgers are pretty nice…hehe oh yeah, i saw liljinx this afternoon, surprisingly man, never thought of seeing her here…hehe I visited Melbourne uni today, pretty nice place, nothing much to describe, but the buildings designs are quite modern. I had a pretty decent meal today, more like delicious meal, for breakfast, i had bratwurst (German hotdog) and for dinner i had Japanese food at ‘don don’. Damn nice. Rumors has it that Japanese food in Melbourne is damn nice. Heh. I bought my first magazine here. Australia’s edition of FHM, it’s more ‘open’ than Malaysia, and even “more interesting. You’ll see more flesh and 18sx articles in this version, one of it was “why isn’t your chick isn’t giving you blowjobs
Alrite. Time to sleep ohrehdeh, ciao

Melbourne Trip 2001 – Day 1

I’ve just arrived Melbourne. I thought it was damn cold at first, but then it seems more like Cameron Highlands here, abit colder i guess. The first picture i took was in Melbourne’s airport toilet. I took this picture of a yellow box where you can dispose used stringes,cool

The flight was extremely pleasant, sheshh, 6 hours flight, my head was aching, damn. while i was travelling back home, i saw this toll plaza damn cekap, it’s just a large bar across the road. All you need to do is just drive throught it, then it credits into your fare (that’s what happen to my taxi) it’s 6am in the morning and i cant sleep, sheshh…gottaa get use to the weather here first.

Woke up at 2 pm today, ate toasted cheese bread and watched Shrek. Then at 4pm, I walked around the city, went to off yah tree, bought 2 pipes and a bong. The pipe costs about $20 while the bong costs about $30. I went to Crown hotel, pretty nice place. A casino and some branded shopping stores, good thing was, they haf an arcade. ah, not many activities today, ciao