So Mudah!

My only mean of transport, my 8 years old Proton Satria is aging considerably. It no longer provides me with the cool air from the aircon and it shakes all the time. I guess its time for me to change my car.

I’ve been eying on the Suzuki Swift for quite some time now. The design is sleek and it’s quite affordable. I’ve been checking on the prices of the car on, an online buy and sell portal which I just discovered. You can actually post your stuff online for free.

On the other hand, I don’t want to spend my hard earned cash on a car. It’s going to be a liability. My other alternative is to save up enough to buy a piece of property. It’s forced savings and if I’m lucky, I’ll get a tenant to cover up my monthly payment. I was surfing’s property listing and I note that it listed properties all over Malaysia – even Sabah. Mmm…maybe I should buy a retirement home there.

But warao, houses in Kota Kinabalu are not cheap!

Since is quite informative, I surfed the website for more stuff. And I found this..



P/S “call me if u really want to mating with my Boder Collie condition can be puppy or cash”… What does this means? His Boder Collie can mate with a puppy or cash? -_-