Yet another haunted hotel story

A friend told me of an incident she had while staying in a hotel in Penang. The same hotel which I had an entry about.

It was late at night. She had to move from her previous room to one room at the 26th floor as the previous room had faulty lights.

As she was settling down, she suddenly heard a group of kids running on the corridor which was followed by a woman was shouting in Malay.

My friend wasn’t bothered with the noise and in fact she was pleased to know that she wasn’t the only person on the floor. Minutes later, she had to call the receptionist to ask for something. She also took the opportunity to ask about the Malay lady and her kids running around the corridor.

Receptionist: Ma’am, you’re the only person on this floor. In fact, there is nobody staying above and below your floor.

Friend: /(*O*)\!

Nevertheless, my friend had to attend to something important the next day hence she couldn’t be bothered about it.

Few weeks later, she received a call from her sister.

Sister: Che, Which room did you stay when you were in XXX?
Friend:: I think its room 26 something something..
Sister: Remember the story you told me? I think one of the bosses stayed in the room you stayed in… He complained, “Kids nowadays don’t need to sleep one ah?? Why do they run along the corridor in the middle of the night???”.

Anyone had the same experience while staying in this hotel?

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