Ipoh Road Trip – Part IV – Pomelo

We went to check out the Pomelo stall i.e. the Pomelo girls. I heard so much about the Pomelo girls. Due to stiff competition, stall owners hired pretty girls to woo customers to their stalls. I had to see them for myself.

Just as our car arrived at the stalls, the girls (including aunties) stood in front of their stalls. Now I understand why some shop owners hire pretty girls to woo customers. For first timers, the appearance of all these stalls is identical hence choosing a stall would depend on the Pomelo girls.


xes the Pomelo man

Fortunately, our friends weren’t that shallow. We randomly chose one stall.

We were given free samples. Tasty.

We also went to patronize another stall mannered by an elderly lady. This lady is quite friendly and the Pomelo that she sells is quite tasty (I wanted to say “Her Pomelo is quite tasty” but this may be construed wrongly hehe). Even gave us discount for the stuff we bought. When asked “What else do you guys want?”. I screamed, “AUNTY I WANT YOUR POMELO JUICE!!!”.

Unfortunately, the lady’s stall doesn’t sell Pomelo juice.

Happy Aunty and Happy Customer

Ping promoting Stall No 41

Mikey and Ping <3