Restauran Khalifah @ Seksyen 3, Shah Alam

Few years ago, fellow legal aid mate, Linn brought me to this place for breakfast. I could still remember that we were supposed to go to Shah Alam court but decided to have breakfast together. Linn highly recommended that I try their roti sardine. I must say it is one of the best I tried!

The roti is generously filled with sardine covered with a layer of crispy roti. I would usually devour the crispy roti before attacking the sardine.

Their dal curry is not the watery type of dal but a thick one. If you are lucky, you may get pieces of lamb in it!

The only part I dislike is the left over chillies. However, if you’re lucky, you may find the Hitler cat waiting by the side for your chillies.

He seems to like it.

Unfortunately, their coffee doesn’t taste good at all. Its always too sweet for me. The worker gets pissed if you complain so better personally see the drinks maker to sort out your drinks to avoid them adding ‘additional’ flavour.