Senior Blogger sued for Defamation

Recently, a multinational food company filed a suit against Edward Skading, a senior citizen who blogged about his dissatisfaction over a condensed sweeten milk on his blog, He alleged that the product that he bought is contaminated and wrote to the multinational company over the alleged contaminated product. After receiving unsatisfactory answers, we decided to post his grievances on his blog.
The multinational company has also filed an application for interlocutory injunction against Uncle Edward. The hearing of the said application is now fixed on 16 October 2008.
It seems that Uncle Edward is going to Court without a lawyer. I’m not sure whether Uncle Edward has filed his Statement of Defence and Affidavit in Reply. However, he has filed his Memorandum of Appearance. There are many rules that a Defendant must follow when going to Court hence to ensure a fair hearing (for both parties), I would highly recommend that Uncle Edward appoint a lawyer.
I have brought this case to the attention of a few lawyers friends. Further, I know that many Malaysian lawyers read this website. I hope that one of our Malaysian lawyers would take up Uncle Edward’s case on a pro bono basis. I can’t help much due to certain reasons.
Those who are interested in defamation actions in the online world, the KL Bar IT Committee is organising a Forum on Blogging and Defamation and is in the midst of sorting out the details. Members will be notified once the details are finalised. Please check their blog at for updates.
P/S Just in case Uncle Edward needs direction to Shah Alam High Court, here’s the map to Shah Alam Court. Stoopid cloud is covering the place.

The Court is located up a hill hence it would be better if you park in the Court’s compound. Parking space in the Court’s compound is limited and it gets full by 830am (or earlier). Nevertheless, you can park outside the Court’s compound and walk to the Court.
All the best Uncle Edward!