Jamie Toh’s Pre-House Warming Party

After winning RM600 from Him, Kiang, Ping and me on the raw siham (cockles) challenge, Jamie Toh (JT) decided to make a living out of the challenge.

After making some money out of the challenge, JT got himself a nice house. To celebrate the occasion, he invited my high school friends and I to his new place for BBQ and drinks.

Hen and Umeng were to first two to arrive. Together with JT and his bro, they started the BBQ pit.

Even JT’s dogs have a new home for themselves.

Soon, guests started trickling in.

Some guest were given a tour of the hour by resident guest, Kiang.

Nice stairs!

Food was plenty. The ladies sat and waited for food while the men cooked it XD

We had live crab. Timothy was tasked to kill them before cooking them.

This is how you kill a crab..

JT’s uncle caught some live prawns for us to BBQ. The prawns’ legs were wriggling even when we were cooking them -_-

Timothy again was tasked to “penetrate” the prawns with skewers. Definitely King’s Scout material.

So after food, we had ‘some’ drinks. Someone decided that we should ‘shotgun’ all our beers -_-

Shotgun is basically a process where one drinks from a can at a single gulp. You can read how it is done here.

Some of my older readers would remember an entry on shotgunning some time in 2006. It was our Old Klang Road v PJ beer drinking contest.

You can read the awesome post here. Brings back good memories!

En Peng ‘shotgun’ a can of 100 plus though. Not one but two cans!!

KF on the other hand, ‘shotgun’ a can of Soya Bean. ZOMG

While some were battling with others with drinks, some spent the night playing JT’s Wii. Like Kiang below..

Slowly, the crowd started thinning away. Each of us thanked JT for his excellent hospitality and great party. It’s always good to see my good friends doing well in life.

p/s I was kidding about him making money from continuing his raw siham eating challenge… what he has today was all hard work. Harder than eating 10 sticks of raw siham.

Shotgunning procedure

Text Source: Wikipedia

Shotgunning is a means of consuming a canned beverage, especially beer, very quickly by a particular technique involving punching a hole in the side of the can near the bottom.

Punching a hole

To shotgun a beverage, place the can on a flat surface (very important!) and then punch a hole on the side of the beer can. Make sure it’s parallel to the mouthpiece. This is usually done using a key or other sharp instruments.

Hole punched

The drinker then places this hole to his or her lips, tilts the can right-side-up, and pulls the tab in the usual manner. The combined effects of gravity and the pressure change that follow when the tab is pulled cause the beverage to be forced out of the can, and into the drinker’s mouth, very rapidly. Unless one is skilled in this technique, it is easy to become soaked as the drink rushes out of the can.


Warning! Excessive shotgunning would lead to this..