Good Bye LHAG! Hello FCL & Co!

After working 7 years in one of the most reputable firms in Malaysia, I gathered enough courage (and savings) to resign from LHAG and to establish my own law firm. Although partnership in LHAG is just a step away (in fact, less than 6 months), I declined and moved on. I will be joined by another colleague, Dymphna, who is an Industrial Relation specialist, as a partner. My focus will be on intellectual property, information technology, franchise, social media, data privacy and the likes.

Both of us will work from home until we get our cash flow stable. Paying for renovation and office is just too much burden for a start. We will probably move into an office next year or when we have a fixed set of partners. We currently use the services of a virtual office that accepts documents and letters and also take calls for us.

Humble beginnings..

Frankly, the aim of the firm is fairly ambitious. I would like to grow the firm into a middle sized firm with various specialists under one roof.

I foresee that the liberalisation of the Malaysian legal industry will happen sooner or later. Foreign firms will step into our shores and provide their expertise to Malaysians. This will be a great opportunity for our firm to work with foreign international firms to improve our skills, services and competitiveness. By that time, I hope I still have enough energy to bring the legal industry to a new height.

It’s easier said than done. I’ll read this blogpost again 20 years later to see whether we will achieve this goal.

Till then, wish us luck and hope we can make it!