Bank Islam TAP Mobile Banking


Remember those days you have to line up at the bank to get your banking done? I hate the long queues and parking woes. Every time I’m in a line, I would imagine myself fighting would-be robbers in the bank. I doubt I would have survived if I did that :p

Life is much easier with internet banking nowadays. Gone were the days of long queues and wait. And with internet mobile banking, things are even better. Now, PayPay even accept cheques vide iPhone. All you need to do is take a picture of the cheque and send it to PayPal.

However, internet mobile banking has its limitation. It cannot work without the Internet and it only works on certain smartphones. Certain smartphones are unable to open bank websites.

Recently, Bank Islam launched a new mobile banking system called the Transact at Palm (TAP) i-service. TAP allows you to do mobile banking without using the internet and it works on any phones. Even my old school 8850!

I wonder if it will work on my Mum’s old NEC Primero. Cost RM3000 in those days yo..

To subscribe TAP, you must first be a Bank Islam account older. Thereafter, you need a mobile phone and a mobile service line. Any mobile operator is fine. Thereafter, head to the nearest Bank Islam branch to get it set up. That’s all!

TAP uses innovative smart card technology that displays a similar banking menu to ATM menu on user’s mobile phone, A screen that most customers are familiar with, thus take no hassles in remembering to keywords/commands or download applications.

Soon I can turn my iPad into a portable miniature ATM machine! (but this will only be applicable once TAP is available on Micro SIM).

At this juncture, TAP focuses on local services like payment of bills, mobile pre-paid top-ups and inter-bank money transfers, before expanding into international services. The second phase in providing international services such as remittance and money transfers will be provided in the second quarter of next year.

For more info visit Bank Islam’s TAP website!