Are you thinking of getting a tattoo and you don’t like to have animal, insects,gothic symbols, or dumb japanese or chinese characters that you cannot understand. Try this:-

If you think it is cool, print it out and get it done at the nearest tattoo master in your town.

10 thoughts on “Tattoo!”

  1. Ben: My neighbour has tattoo that look like a painting. PeNNyPupZ: Hahaha…ya, u don’t have to go shopping anymore.

  2. hmm didn’t think of it that way..good aso.. no headaches..extra cash.. but boring aso’s like wearing the same thing everyday…nyehehehe ;p

  3. i like how u post porn stuff dressed up as arty pics πŸ˜› hehe… and porn stars dressed up as famous singer’s sister :D…Keep it up! i guess Xes wont let u post blatant pics that are porn!

  4. davids: Hehehehe…thank for supporting my post, dude. I will keep the good stuff coming. About posting porn, do not have a policy against artistic nudity photos. We might put up some of those pics provided our women readers will not be offended by the photos. =)

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