Terese k0k

Once again, the opposition party candidate, Teresa K0k has won the Parliamentary Seat for my area with a majority of 11, 000 voters.

My area has been a DAP (opposition party) stronghold for more than 18 years. The fight between the governing party and the opposition party here in my area has been pretty close though. However, during the previous election, the governing party candidate made a big mistake. During an interview, a reporter asked him,

“How do you differentiate yourself and Teresa?”
The candidate answered, “Well, I do my business standing while she does hers sitting”

If you don’t know what that means, it means that he pees standing while Teresa squats. Teresa immediately used this against him and branded him a chauvinist. No doubt the governing party candidate lost.

It’s good to have Teresa on the parliamentary seat as she is well known to be an outspoken person. Further, since the governing party won by a landslide majority, we need capable oppositions to monitor the government’s actions otherwise there will be an abuse of power by the majority as pointed out by Alexis De Tocqueville.

Here’s a picture of Teresa..

Some of my friends think she’s hot 😀 Btw, She’s 40 years old! MILF!!

Huge opposition party banner along Old Klang Road..on your left, you could see the governing party’s candidate’s banner..

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  2. kokhong: yeah she’s not bad.. 😀 sow: maybe she needs to lose the glasses kekegguni: kekee why so tulans..u feminist ah kekelynnzlynnz: yaya damn 7 big..appreantly needed 4 hours to make it..terjin: wahwahahahaha grade A milf!! pop: I know him. Please smash his head for me if you see him 😀 busshaker: oooo nearby my placeee wei 😀

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